2019 Customer Spotlight Award Recipient: Company Nurse

PORTLAND, OREGON, FEBRUARY 26, 2020— The 2019 Inflow Customer Spotlight Award was presented to Henry Svendblad, Chief Technology Officer at Company Nurse for the organization’s exceptional focus on customer experience and partnership. Company Nurse, headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, is the premier nurse triage and reporting service focused on lessening the pain of workers’ compensation.

At Inflow’s annual company kick-off, Henry highlighted several Company Nurse customer experience successes achieved with Inflow and Genesys:

Callbacks in queue for CX and ROI

Company Nurse implemented a dynamic callback option that is presented when the average wait time reaches a certain threshold. This helps the caller not have to wait on hold if Company Nurse is experiencing a call spike. In addition to better customer experience, Company Nurse achieved significant cost savings, as they can manage these callbacks in-house, with their highly-trained staff

Creating a balanced scorecard

Company Nurse built out a “balanced scorecard” to get a 360-degree view of agent performance in interaction efficiency, schedule adherence, and interaction quality. This has allowed better tracking and feedback for staff, as well as more visibility to performance for Company Nurse’s customers. Company Nurse is currently building upon this by using conversation analytics in the quality management process to measure and score agent empathy, which is a key customer-centric measurement they’re looking to continue to improve, as empathy is a part of what makes them stand out from their competition.

Inflow Communications applauds Company Nurse for their customer experience strides in 2019!

Company Nurse: Revolutionizing workers’ compensation with leading cloud technology