Mitel/ShoreTel Connect Frequently Asked Questions  – February 2020 Edition

February 13, 2020

At Inflow Communications, we’ve migrated most of our customers from ShoreTel 14.2 and earlier platform to the latest Mitel MiVoice Connect or MiCloud Connect platforms. There are a lot of details that are constantly changing and we try our best to keep you updated via educational webinars and these blog articles.

In this post you will find the latest FAQ’s we have for February 2020.

VMware ESXi version 6.7 is supported as of Connect version R19.1, build 22.10.7600.0

You must be on this build of Connect before upgrading your virtual host to ESXi 6.7. Upgrading your host server version prior to your move to the latest Connect build can severely affect your Mitel system’s functionality. While the 14.2 version of the software was a little more forgiving when it comes to version compatibility, we’ve seen issues with server and virtual switch performance across the board in Connect for customers that jump to ESXi 6.7 early.

Mitel is now requiring all customers to be on the latest version of 14.2 before migrating to Connect.

This ensures that everyone is in a known, supported state before making the leap to Connect. If you’re thinking of upgrading your system to the Connect software, please contact your CSM to discuss your options and lay out a migration plan.

6900 Series phone support is here!

As of Connect version R19.1, build 22.10.7600.0, you can start connecting the new 6900 Series phones to your premise PBX system. These phones will not properly register if you are not on the correct build of the software. Please see your Customer Success Manager for more information on these phones.

Windows Server 2008 R2 is fast approaching the end of its support lifecycle with Microsoft.

Along with that, Mitel will soon be dropping support for the 2008 R2 OS for future builds of Connect. Now is the time to start planning to migrate your ShoreTel server to 2012 R2. Please note that Server 2016 and 2019 are not supported with any builds of 14.2. You’ll need to make the move to Connect before updating your server OS.

Server 2019 is a supported OS for Headquarters and Distributed Voice servers as of Connect version R19.1 SP-1, build 22.11.4900.0.

Please contact your Customer Service Manager or the Inflow Support team to discuss upgrading to the latest build of Connect. We do not currently have an ETA on support for Server 2019 with the Connect Contact Center software.

Security is important for all of us.

Previously with the 14.2 PBX software, the servers themselves could only have Windows updates installed up to the date the installed PBX build was tested with. This caused many servers to quickly fall behind in Windows updates. With Connect, every build release still has a listed date for what Windows updates have been tested with the new software build, but Mitel will also list what prior builds of Connect have also been tested with the current Windows updates. This will allow customers on Connect to run Windows updates without having to upgrade their PBX software if their current build is listed among the builds that have been tested.

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