Amplifying the Customer Experience In The Contact Center For Disc Makers

Being the podium that has helped bring the sweet sounds & videos to the masses for decades, Disc Makers has evolved in unison with their customer base. Offering a wide range of products to create and supplement their customer’s band, brand or anything in between. Being able to deliver a customer experience that paralleled their innovation was a different conversation and what inspired Customer Service Manager Mike Wojtaszek to contact Inflow Communications to see how we could help them deliver the experience their loyal customers deserved.

“We were sitting on a functional Avaya system we had in place for the past 20 years although it lacked real-time monitoring, call recording capabilities and the support was taxing our IT team. I thought there has to be a better way to deliver on our service”.

Keeping Contact Center Results In The Family

A visit to their sister company CD Baby was an eye-opener for Mike, seeing what the technology meant in terms of efficiencies for their Contact Center employees. Enhancing their ability to track and analyze how customers were interacting with them. They could duplicate and scale what was working well and shift away from what wasn’t working in real-time. That was something Mike knew they needed at Disc Makers.

Taking a look at their current vendor and also some other options we asked Mike said they ultimately landed on Mitel for a variety of reasons. Mainly it gave them the best of both worlds as it gave their Contact Center personnel the ability to deliver a first-class experience and leadership the reporting capabilities they needed for operational excellence.

With all of the technology that is accessible, there is no need for guessing as analytics and metrics are able to fill in the gaps of variables of years past. Mike was impressed with Brightmetrics and the real-time dashboards were a game-changer: “The Ability to track a call was fantastic – we never had that ability and can see exactly what is going on. We are able to identify problems in call flows which visualizes everything in a flow chart. That helps us to resolve issues quickly and in real-time versus meeting about what we could do better”.

Call Abandonment Can Be Costly In A Call Center

Seven percent abandonment was their goal, as Disc Makers had been higher than that on average which was a symptom of their outdated Avaya Solution. Introducing Chimes to alert when hold times were over a certain threshold provided a way to attack that issue especially during peak times.

“The goal was below 7% abandonment rate, we introduced chimes, hit the goal and blew it out of the water!”

The real-time adjustments, as well as the reporting that Mike set up for their management and on floor team, have helped front line awareness. This is a key component to delivering the best Customer Experience within a Contact Center. Knowing what to expect, and what is expected from the customer go hand in hand, reporting prepares everyone for both.

Mitel With Inflow Simplifies The Complexity Of Contact Center Solutions

Although technology has come a long way in the Call Center space, distilling all of the data, metrics, coding, implementation and much more into what is important can be overwhelming. “Inflow simplifies it into dashboards – allowing all of us to make easy adjustments in the system without having to log in to the Mitel admin interface.” After all, what is technology good for if you aren’t able to implement what is important to deliver the best experience in your industry?

Mike’s team has implemented some of the functions to enhance the culture within Disc Makers, like recently having Kurt Cobain’s Birthday scrolling across the bottom. Having fun announcements and important ones adds to making it a fun place to work. Customizing the platform to what a customer needs is a big part of what we do at Inflow, hearing this being born in the Pacific Northwest made our day!

Inflow’s Contact Center Service Is Second To None

The ability to get a live person on the phone at Inflow quickly when they need it is a major difference from other vendors that Mike works with. Recently Zendesk removed their chat feature and doesn’t have an option for a call, leaving the only email as their only means of contacting which can take days.
“Having the ability to reach out and get someone on the phone quickly, or your remote support team being able to log in and fix things so we can watch them fix and learn is huge.”

Mike and his team never feel rushed when they call in for support for their Contact Center as getting the issue resolved is our goal. We were delighted to hear that Mike loves the follow up after the call to make sure everything was fixed and remained that way, singling out Scotty who is known for his follow up skills. Having that real human touch is a big part of what we deliver for our customers, and happy to hear that Disc Makers can feel it too.

Technology To Enhance The Contact Center Experience

Mike and his team realized they needed help however they didn’t know where to start and we are happy they chose Inflow to help guide them along that journey. If you have a system that is frustrating your Contact Center staff or inhibiting your ability to deliver to your customers and don’t know where to start to get in touch with us today! We are obsessed with delivering the best Customer Experience in our industry and would love the opportunity to help you do the same in yours!