Want 15 percent less customer churn?

You don’t need to be an Inflow customer to take advantage of our thought leadership in CX. We partner with and offer the leading solutions that drive improved Customer Experience.

Case in point: Call Journey – our global speech analytics partner! Call Journey helps businesses listen better, transforming customer experience using insights from customer conversations, and they can help you regardless of your contact center platform. Your business processes hundreds of calls every day. These calls are rich with customer feedback and information about your buyers, products, processes and agents. Insights from these conversations can help you pinpoint challenges and improve Customer Experience.

  • Conversation Analytics can dramatically increase NPS
  • Reduce Churn and Lapse rates
  • Understand Customer Effort and Cancellation Risk
  • Drive Agent Performance

83% of all companies still list customer experience in their top 3 business strategies, and many of these organizations have “Voice of the Customer” programs without leveraging the most important data – the actual VOICE of the customer.

How does it work?

Call Journey’s solution is platform and audio source agnostic – offering a secure and efficient way of streamlining your data discovery. The solution is also one of the most flexible on the market; providing services both via cloud or on-premise. Data produced by Call Journey can be ingested into your chosen analytical tools or visualized in Call Journey’s native dashboard, dramatically increasing the visibility of what’s happening on your business calls and supporting your decision-making process.