Up your QA coverage from 2 percent to 100

We can help you listen better. Companies face risk from every direction, both internal and external. Mitigating these risks is a challenge, especially since monitoring everything your employees and say and do is nearly impossible. Now you can monitor and analyze every conversation across the enterprise, allowing you to effectively manage your risk and automate your QA & Compliance process.

  • Remove the limitation of manual review and small call samples.
  • Instant insights to 100% of your calls.
  • Employee monitoring, fraud & abuse risk protection
  • Audit & Lawsuit preparedness
  • Protect privacy and monitor privacy & regulatory compliance policies
  • Competitive Analysis

How Does it Work?

We offer Call Journey, a leading Conversation Analytics solution which provides a secure and efficient way of streamlining your data discovery. The solution is also one of the most flexible on the market; providing services both via Cloud and On-Premise – regardless of your contact center platform. Data produced by Call Journey can be ingested into your chosen analytical tools or visualized in Call Journey’s native dashboard, dramatically increasing the visibility of what’s happening on your business calls and supporting your decisionmaking process.