Leupold Targets Inflow To Continue A Tradition Of Customer Experience Over a Century and Counting

Before Leupold began as a company they started as a family. Their history started in 1907 when Fred Leupold and Adam Volpel—who had been brothers-in-law for eight years and close friends before that decided to go into business together. When they partner with a company it means something because the family name is on the line.

They have grown leaps and bounds from their first days of surveying equipment, however, the customer experience has always guided their path in creating better products for their loyal base of customers. They stand behind everything they create and have become the standard for optical equipment in scopes, binoculars, their world-famous duplex reticle and so much more.
We sat down with their Director of IT Pete Beebe to discuss how partnering with Inflow for their Contact Center needs has enabled them to continue to deliver on their tradition of customer excellence.

Inflow’s Contact Center Expertise Provides Quick Action

When Pete first came on as System Administrator he had some previous experience with Inflow and was happy to hear that Leupold was already familiar with the team as some critical adjustments needed to be made. Updating the CCIR software through Brightmetrics reporting was one of the first adjustments. Coupled with queue configurations, getting agents added quickly and spinning up a new Contact Center with Inflow’s assistance helped Pete set a solid foundation for transforming their operations.

Helping to execute on the companies vision for technology has always been something we strive for at Inflow. Pete relied heavily on our customer success team to execute on his vision:

“The knowledge of the support staff and their patience helped a lot. I learned a lot on the fly – support always has a solution for us and have never let me down”


Frustration causes innovation, legend has it that while hunting one day, Marcus Leupold missed a buck because his scope fogged up. He swore he could make a better scope, and that’s just what he did.
When the initial implementation was done before Pete and Inflow’s relationship began at Leupold he quickly realized that more needed to be done as “good enough” is clearly not the Leupold way.

“Inflow was a huge asset recently helping me through dual configuration through Enterprise Contact Center. This also helped me realize that the initial implementation was not thorough, and Inflow has given me an action plan to configure.”

Brightmetrics Through Inflow Goes Beyond Reporting For The Contact Center

The tech-savviness, knowledge, and availability we provide was something that separated Inflow from other technology vendors in the industry. Having the Contact Center be our main focus and not something that we “also provide” empowers our clients and their employees to provide a level of service they are known for.

Brightmetrics and the ability to use this as an on-screen dashboard has helped transform the customer experience in the Contact Center. Understanding the analytics and using the data to anticipate customer needs has allowed for a more proactive approach. When you have made a name for yourself anticipating customer needs like Leupold that is critical to continuing your legacy with every interaction.

Inflow Providing Your One-Stop Shop For All Things Contact Center

While we were happy to hear that Pete appreciates the fact that additional services are available through Inflow and considers us a one-stop shopping center for all their Unified Communication needs. We know there is always room for improvement although he had no complaints. We always welcome feedback from our clients!