Your “Voice of the Customer” Program

Conversation Analytics will keep your customers engaged

Yes, you need to take calls and make calls. Conversation Analytics can also help you understand those calls and the impact they have on your business. Listening and understanding what is happening within your sales conversations is the key to unlocking immediate opportunities for increasing sales.

Inflow is proud to offer you Call Journey – a leading global speech analytics solution!

Call Journey helps businesses drive sales and revenue performance by providing insights to customer conversations.

  • Maximize Upsell & Cross-sell opportunities
  • Understand Agent Performance and metrics
  • Improve Retention & Reduce Churn rates
  • Automate Script Adherence and Sales Best Practices
  • Understand Customer Lifecycle and sustainable revenue patterns

Regardless of your contact center platform or the source of your recorded calls, Call Journey can be ingested into your chosen analytical tools or visualized in Call Journey’s native dashboard, dramatically increasing the visibility of what’s happening on your business calls and supporting your decision-making process.

Performance Improvement and ROI

Organizations utilizing conversation analytics outperform non-users, and the majority of users see an ROI in 6-12 months.

The bottom line is that conversation analytics can improve your bottom line!