Is Voice your Omnichannel Analytics Blind Spot?

Every conversation poses a risk or an opportunity

In an average 10-minute call, nearly 97% of the actual conversation is often ignored. Between “Hello, how can I help you?” and “Thank you! Goodbye” there are thousands of words and phrases, which contain information about customer emotions, agent performance, company processes, and products. Inflow, a thought leader in CX, can help unlock your voice data, transforming contact center traffic into actionable insights that directly impact customer experience, compliance, and revenue.

Regardless of your contact center platform, or where your voice data is stored, Inflow can help. We partner with best-in-class solutions for Voice Data & Conversation Analytics that can deliver across all platforms.

Here are some examples of how different industries are benefiting from insights derived from voice data:

  • Financial Services – Improved risk management and compliance processes, saving over $7.7m in fines
  • Telecommunications – Removed manual call review processes leading to 80% reduction in quality monitoring costs
  • Utilities – Spot verbal trends that lead to a sale, leading to a 25% increase in conversions
  • Consumer Goods – 15% increase in NPS and significantly enhance insights over and above post-call surveys, verbatims, and market research
  • Manufacturing – Discover the drivers and trends behind longer call time, reducing average handle time by 80 seconds.
  • Travel – Improved sales offering and customer profiling by getting deeper insights into customer journey, leading to 20% increased customer satisfaction