What Does MiContact Center Business Have To Offer?

With the recent release of MiCC there are many new features, benefits, integrations and upgrades available in comparison to the Mitel MiVoice Connect Enterprise Contact Center or ECC product. The biggest question would be is it right for our Contact Center? While we can’t answer that question for you without an in depth analysis and our Contact Center Audit, an overview of the major changes and comparison can bring you clarity for consideration.

Why Did Mitel Release MiCC?

In short- Customer Experience. This always will be defined by the customer and having the tools available to deliver that experience on their terms is pivotal. With MiContact Center Business, customers are empowered to efficiently and effectively respond to the needs of today’s modern, mobile consumers with an all-in-one, single vendor solution that powers next-generation inbound, outbound, and self-service customer experiences. Put another way, however your customer would like to engage with your company MiCC makes that possible.

MiCC Gives You The Ability To Engage However You Want

One of the biggest changes is the SMS and third party integrations that allow your agents to meet customers where it is convenient, on their phones. Customer expectations have gone from call, to email to instant message and Mitel Enterprise Connect gives you many built in features while also giving you the choice to add third party messaging/open media. In particular the Social Media integration available through Mitel Partner BizVu is a catalyst for a great Customer Experience.

Below are the benefits and features that build on the ability to deliver on customer expectations and meet the needs of agents in today’s Contact Center environment:

Streamlined Configuration And Deployment

  • Administration interface for the new chat overlay is integrated into YourSite Explorer
  • Configuration and feel is similar to what is already there with YourSite Explorer
  • Pre-canned chat overlay templates, with option to add custom code for further customization
  • Data collection fields are customizable
  • Web socket connectivity is leveraged rather than reverse proxy

Enhances The Chat Experience Of Your Contact Center For Your Agents And Clients

  • Modern & fresh Web chat overlay for mobile, tablet and desktop as well
  • Data transfer is made easy for images, documents and file exchange between agents and customers
  • Integration with Google Contact Center AI for valuable Virtual Agent and Agent Assist experiences

Optional professional services-enabled rich chat experiences

  • Utilizes visually appealing “cards” which are more interactive than just text media
  • The integration capabilities through Smooch.io to provide messaging capabilities through the channels you choose like Facebook Messenger, Twitter Direct Messaging, WhatsApp and many others

Harnessing The Power Of Google Contact Center AI Combined With Contact Center Messenger

The integration with Google Contact Center AI provides for a lift in the ability to deliver on customer expectations. Mitel and Google Cloud have designed an intelligent customer experience that leverages Google Cloud’s Natural Language Understanding. Providing the ability to search customer-specific knowledge bases to easily integrate AI into Mitel’s Contact Center Messenger platform.

From a virtual agent perspective this integration enables customers to leverage Google’s Natural Language Understanding to understand the customers sentiment and intent of the interaction to provide the best served response. This differs greatly to simply routing to the next response based on keywords, which can sometimes cause frustration for the customer.

Virtual Agent combined with Contact Center Messenger, businesses can better understand customer needs and deliver solutions to customer experience demands. This combination resolves customer issues while also giving you the ability to access previous interactions and analyze further to continually improve future experiences. The result is provides businesses a path to anticipate customer needs rather than just reacting to customer questions and issues.

Unparalleled Contact Center Workforce Management Integration From Teleopti

Mitel Workforce Management from Teleopti is a leading solution that encompasses everything needed to successfully plan, manage and deliver on customer expectations within a contact center, back office, branch or store. This feature rich solution provides the tools to manage staffing, forecast accurately for demand, automated scheduling, customizable reporting and so much more. This platform improves operations not just within the Contact Center, Teleopti streamlines operations throughout the entire business.

MiContact Center Outbound And Web Ignite Integrated Brings Simplicity To Contact Center Operations

MiContact Center Outbound and MiContact Center Business (Web Ignite) were accessible separately in their own interfaces. This created friction and a lack of efficiency within the Contact Center Environment. This release rectifies this by unifying MiCC Web Ignite and MiCC Outbound under one single screen, making this a more viable solution for Contact Centers deploying inbound, outbound and omnichannel communications within their environment.
You can see a short video of this integration here to see how this improvement flows together.

While this is a great enhancement, improvements to MiContact Center Outbound didn’t stop there.

Software Developers Kit

  • Allows developers to integrate the dialer functionality into already implemented interfaces
  • Seamless integration of the dialer into CRM products or custom applications such as debt collection applications, insurance, sales automation and many more
  • Doesn’t take up additional space on a users screen as this is customizable to a Contact Centers current application environment

SABRE – Skills And Ability Based Routing Engine

  • Designed to used with the predictive dialer and MiContact Center Call Manager
  • Delivers more calls to higher skilled agents which improves effectiveness of a business’s Contact Center, enhances conversion rates and revenues as well
  • New User Management Module can be assigned to agents defining ability level for each skill between 0 & 100
  • More effective agents receive the calls they are more likely to deliver a great customer experience, close a sale or any combination of the skills a Contact Center defines as critical to their success

LPD™ – Live Person Detection

  • Accurate detection of all types of devices including voicemail, recordings, answering recordings etc. has been a challenge with AMD )Answering Machine Detection
  • LPD™ is Mitel’s patented unique method utilizing Artificial Intelligence and has received a US Patent making Mitel the only US provider capable of delivering this functionality

SnoDrop™ – Predictive Dialing With 0% Abandoned Call Rate

  • Regulation surrounding the use of predictive dialing continues to tighten, this solutions was developed to be proactive in anticipating needs within Contact Centers
  • Industry first technology which delivers responsible predictive dialing with 0% abandoned calls