Why You Should Know Mitel’s MiContact Center Business (MiCC) And Why It Matters To You

For many of our customers using the ShoreTel Mitel Enterprise Contact Center, or ECC product, the question that has been top of mind is “what is next”? The answer to formally migrate ECC licensing and bring everything together is MiContact Center Business.

With the first release being able to work on the MiVoice Connect platform, Mike Dolloff Chief Revenue Officer had a video conversation with Chris Recio, Inflow’s Director of Contact Center & Advanced Applications, to find out what this means for the Contact Center world and our customers.

First Impressions Of Mitel’s MiContact Center Business

Although we are a very technical company we know how important it is to see technology through the lens of our users. In the Contact Center realm that means the Supervisor or Administrator who should not need to be engineers to understand the usability of the technology.

The additional features, usability and advanced reporting capabilities that MiContact Center brings passed the test of one of the industry’s harshest critics. When it comes to vetting new solutions and technology Inflow always starts with the person who looks out for our customers:

“I am a harsh critic of Contact Center Solutions, and when I look at a product I look at it from the perspective of our user. My First impression of MiCC Business? Pleasantly surprised.” -Chris Recio

MiContact Center Offers Better Options For Multi-Channel

While a robust platform for many years, one of the shortfalls of the ShoreTel’s Enterprise Contact Center (ECC) product was that it fell short on the integration of SMS Texting. Yes, there was the ability to text over email, however, there was no real-time texting option. With customers communicating in many different ways like phone calls, emails, web chat, and text this led the industry to evolve from traditional Call Centers to the modern-day Contact Center.

If you are not integrating texting as an option for your customer base you will be at a disadvantage in delivering great customer experience. The configuration of SMS into the platform is very easy through a familiar “point and click” experience that users are accustomed to. There is minimal set up to make the integration happen with MiContact Center and gives users and customers a great way to communicate.

Open Media Integration Opens Up Many Options With MiContact Center

The customer experience within the Contact Center world has quickly evolved from phone calls to one contact resolution. So the need to integrate document sharing programs so customers can quickly send or receive files and even social media integration is becoming necessary to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Having this availability allows Contact Centers to plug in the technology and media that their customer base demands while also setting up for future integrations. This is critical in a world that seemingly changes overnight with new ways to communicate.

Key Factors In Determining If MiContact Center Is A Good Fit For Your Business

While it may seem like everything and everyone is in the cloud there remains a great deal of technology that is still premise-based for good reason. If you are currently utilizing the ShoreTel/Mitel ECC platform and wondering what is to gain from MiCC consider if you are looking to advance your technology while maintaining an on-premise solution. Or maybe you are looking to extend the value of that deployment while adding some robust features? MiContact Center Business is a great option to look at as you continue evolving your Contact Center technology.