Q&A With Wauna FCU Area IT Manager: Local Expertise Sets Inflow’s Apart In Unified Communications

Inflow’s patience, expertise, and proximity helped Wauna transform their Unified Communications experience.

At Inflow, it is our goal to build and provide software that helps businesses. We believe we can help by providing the tools to help a team work smarter and achieve their dreams faster. There is nothing we like more than hearing about success stories, and how we made a difference with the quality of service we offer. Wauna FCU came to us after several bad experiences from a larger national player. We sat down with their IT Area Manager Caleb Yankus to learn what the Inflow Difference means to them.

About Wauna FCU

Wauna Credit Union has been a positive part of the Columbia River Communities since 1967, we pride ourselves on participation in the community and preservation of our beautiful land. Some of the ways we participate include supporting local charities & organizations and sponsoring community events.

Q&A With Wauna FCU

What were the major reasons you were looking for a new company to support your ShoreTel system?

We were operating under the umbrella of CenturyLink and we were expanding our call center. We needed new phones so we put in an order in January, the phones arrived in May.
To compound the issues we were unable to get in touch with them, so we ordered phones from Amazon which wasn’t the best solution. During this time our President of IT left and so did the mentality of using the cheapest solution, which had gotten us into our current cycle.

How did you learn about Inflow Communications?

We did research on who supports ShoreTel in our area and of course, CenturyLink kept coming up. However, we found you guys in google searches as well. Inflow is local and we like that started out with a discovery call with your guy from Portland and I immediately found it amazing how many people actually knew ShoreTel at Inflow.

Your team of engineers knew how to fix the problems we had been dealing with for years. Inflow helped us manage the costs of moving our contact center solution over. We knew we were in good hands and upgraded to a new server within the first month.

Since moving your ShoreTel support to Inflow, what major fixes or enhancements has Inflow helped you make?

The biggest project that has brought clarity to our contact center would be the server upgrade which has helped us migrate to Mitel Connect. The continuing education webinars that are provided have helped us understand not only the transition from ShoreTel to Mitel but our solution as well. We found the Brightmetrics webinar especially useful.

Now that you’ve been with Inflow for a while, what are the main positive Inflow attributes that stand out?

The biggest value is support as we call a lot, and the Inflow team is always ready to help. The willingness of people to go through the entire problem with us is what sets your service apart, it is about solving the issue for the customer and that is how we feel. We have spent up to 12 hours to identify issues, that should speak to the patience and willingness to remediate the issue! A live person is always there with support from the rest of the team, we know they are ready to go through the entire system to make sure we find and remedy any issue.

How does Inflow compare to your other technology vendors outside of Unified Communications?

Inflow definitely stacks up very very well, you guys are up there. You are night and day ahead of people in the Unified Communications world with your dedication to service and the level of service that you provide. Inflow’s service level is what separates you in your industry and others.