Q&A With Maverick Transportation IT Manager: Mitel/ShoreTel Excellence Is Inflow’s Focus

Inflow’s customer-centric approach, knowledge, and operational excellence delivered.

At Inflow, it is our goal to build and provide software that helps businesses. We believe we can help by providing the tools to help a team work smarter and achieve their dreams faster. There is nothing we like more than hearing about success stories, and how we made a difference with the quality of service we offer. Maverick Transportation came to us with several projects needing completion in the midst of the ShoreTel merger. We sat down with their IT Manager Jason Watson to learn what the Inflow Difference means to them.

About Maverick Transportation

Born in 1953, growing up in a small Missouri town, Maverick Chairman and CEO Steve Williams took his father’s lessons to heart and began a career in transportation. In 1975, he went to work for Steel Haulers, Inc. in Kansas City, Missouri.

After President Jimmy Carter signed the Motor Carrier Act of 1980, deregulating the trucking industry, Williams seized the opportunity to pursue his dream and started Maverick with friend and co-worker Larry Leahy in a one-room office in Texarkana, Arkansas. In 1983, he purchased his partner’s interest in the company and became the sole owner of Maverick Transportation, Inc. Today the Williams family still owns 100% of the Maverick companies.

Maverick’s growth since 1980 has been built on Williams’ principles and values of what is referred to as “The Maverick Way” which is doing what you say you will do with integrity, respect, and commitment. Growth has come from reinvestment of earnings in company-owned equipment and 6 acquisitions: Kissick Truck Lines in 1994, Jewett Scott Truck Line in 2002, Parrett Trucking in 2004, Schneider Specialized in 2006, Crossover Transportation in 2010, Haywood Trucking in 2014, Flanary and Sons Trucking, Inc (FAST) in 2015, and Marine Transport, Inc in 2016.

Whether it is hauling steel, building materials, boats or flat glass striving to be the best can be seen in everything Maverick does. Today, from the corporate campus in Little Rock, AR, Maverick operates approximately 1,700 units and provides services throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

How Did Maverick Initially Learn Of Inflow Communications And Our ShoreTel Services?

Google searches, we were looking for tech VAR’s who specialized in Contact Center Services and found Inflow. We then spoke with Corey who explained the focus on ShoreTel & now Mitel with the merger and how you specialize in Contact Center success programs. The timing was perfect for us and we found the expert in Unified Communications we needed.

What were the major reasons you were looking for a new partner to support your ShoreTel system?

The merger presented a lot of challenges for us as there were support staff issues and we had a lot of projects to complete in order to upgrade to connect. We had switches that needed upgrading and we were working with a small support partner. We had a relationship with them and with ShoreTel Enterprise as well. The smaller partner was working on the day to day while the enterprise support was being handled by ShoreTel.

There was no one to take the lead on these projects to see them through to fruition. We were not getting the level of support as ShoreTel was not able to answer calls quickly, we were waiting days or weeks for a response. With the lack of support from both vendors, we had to make a change as our service level to our drivers and customers is extremely important.

What was the deciding factor to move your support relationship to Inflow and away from ShoreTel Enterprise support?

We were taken aback by how ShoreTel/Mitel is Inflow’s bread and butter and the number of dedicated engineers that Inflow has. The bench depth and level of expertise that the entire organization has was impressive, we learned quickly that this isn’t something you also do, this is exactly what your organization does.

This gave us the best customer experience and we didn’t feel like just another number. The depth of your customer success programs was one of the many things that impressed me. We knew we were in the right hands when you could feel the level of professionalism with every interaction.

Since moving your ShoreTel support to Inflow, what major fixes or enhancements have they helped you make?

The biggest impact would be the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) that drivers use on a daily basis. We had to remove that option before because the previous vendor had gone out of business. The IVR solution has to be easy for drivers to speak, use and understand as well because they are on the road and time is money for them and us.

Now that you’ve been with Inflow for a while, what are the main positive Inflow attributes that stand out?

First and foremost is the engineering team at Inflow and their attitudes. Every time I call I always get an answer. I have given the support number to others because we thought y’all were joking about the three-ring response time, you definitely do answer immediately every time we call. It has been refreshing to get immediate help and have our problem solved right away.

Everyone we speak with is knowledgeable and either has the answer or finds the person who can get us the answer in a timely manner. The overall attitude, professionalism, politeness, being respectful and helpful goes a long way. Other support teams can be frustrating with language barriers (being offshore) but not with Inflow, everyone shares the same passion for helping your customers.

How does Inflow compare to your other technology vendors?

With ShoreTel, I have only been able to work with one great engineer, with Inflow I don’t have that issue as you have a team of engineers who deliver great service. We deal with a lot of very large VAR’s and they are really good. Inflow is right up there at the top, especially with your expertise, and it was really hard to find anyone with your level and depth of expertise especially in Arkansas. You are at the top when it comes to partners that we work with.