How Twilio Can Enhance Your Customer Experience

Customer Experience and how you are able to deliver an exceptional service level is no longer defined by your organization, it is largely on the customer’s terms. If you have streamlined how quickly and efficiently you can handle calls coming into your contact center that may not be how your customers find it most convenient to communicate with your company, or how they like to be contacted.

Having the ability to adapt and spin up a different process without having the large expense of a new solution was nearly impossible before Twilio, and this powerful communications platform has paved the way for many organizations to implement small incremental changes that over time have left them miles in front of their competitors in customer experience.

Our CEO Travis Dillard sat down with Michael Dolloff our Chief Revenue Officer and Chris Recio our Director of Contact Center & Advanced Applications to discuss how Twilio can redefine and enhance your customer experience.

Twilio Bridges The Gap From Traditional To Today

Twilio is a communications platform that meets today’s needs where everything is web based, everything is driven by web interactivity. Where Twilio has changed the game is their approach and process. If you think in terms of contact center and just call activity everyone understands that when you make a call you go over a phone line and two endpoints are coming together- pretty simple. However with today’s advanced technology, the web applications with the myriad processes and solutions there needed to be a solution that connected both worlds together in a seamless environment, and that is how Twilio was born.

Taking the old school thought process of connecting party A to Party B and putting that into the web technology where everything is web specific. Twilio is redefining what it means to be a communications platform that brings all of this together and managing all of the pieces that touch the operation of a contact center.

Where Inflow Discovered The Power Of Twilio

We have always known that Unified Communications Platform as a service is going to be important to help customers build very niche specific applications around customer experience and employee engagement.

“At Inflow we initially started looking at Twilio and developing on Twilio to help our customers with disaster recovery applications, since then we have been getting deeper and deeper into the toolsets and experiencing a lot of success with our customers.”
-Travis Dillard CEO Inflow

“If there is something that a customer would like to implement we can develop an application in Twilio, and have it deployed within one day. Having the competitive advantage of speed is one of the many reasons Twilio is a great platform for us and our customers. Instead of laying out hundreds of thousands of dollars on a new solution, you can have something built to test in hours for proof of concept, that is powerful for an IT Director or Technologist.”

You Are Already Benefiting From Twilio – You Just Didn’t Know It

If you have used a ride sharing app like Uber or Lyft you have used a lot of the concepts without even realizing it. Maybe you have sent a message to your driver or called them, Uber is not sharing your number with the driver or their number with you, it is all masked from us. This is all done on the backend through a platform like Twilio.

“At a consumer level we are benefiting from this technology, but that is sort of just scratching the surface of what we are seeing for companies to engage with their customers or employees as well.” -Mike Dolloff

Twilio is difficult to articulate without use cases to drive home how this is changing the way we communicate. It is still connecting Party A to Party B however with use cases it helps define how this is being done differently in a more efficient way.

For instance after business hours many companies use some type of on call application router. You have calls that need to be pointed to a specific person or specific number, maybe even one that you need to white label as your own. There are different people responsible for the different types of calls that would come in after hours.

We are able to tell the system to contact a specific technician depending on the scheduling, or leave a voicemail. Once the voicemail is left this triggers an entirely other process of contacting the technician every five minutes, with incremental escalations along the way until resolution. That is one of the many ways Inflow has implemented Twilio.

Chris Recio has seen many ways that Twilio can have a positive impact for customers “If you look at one of the larger expenses for many organizations it would be the cost of Answering Services. The per call charge is hefty, not to mention the per minute charge itself is exorbitant. You are paying an intermediary to contact a Doctor or Nurse and you are paying a premium for that. Twilio can replace all of that through a digital application.”

Redefining What It Means To Contact Your Customer

The contact center isn’t just relegated to ACD anymore, it’s at any point in time across the organization- when do we need to contact the customer? This has changed the entire perspective of what it means to have a customer experience. Having digital technology so readily available means it has changed customer expectations of how they can contact you.

Where Twilio has disrupted the industry in a good way is allowing customers to create specialty applications to meet the needs that are non-traditional. A survey used to only be over the phone, you have a variety of ways to follow up with a customer in how you contact them. We can now customize a specific solution to each customer based on their specific needs and how they reach their customers.

Twilio Can Be Your Elastic As You Expand

If you are an IT Director or a Technologist at your organization it gives you infinite flexibility to plug those holes in a different way. You don’t have to go and procure an entire application that does just this one thing you can utilize Twilio to be many things as you are expanding and trying new things within your organization.

Sometimes the best solutions are not the huge one time solutions, they are going to be incremental solutions that lead to better outcomes. With Twilio you can do a proof of concept, test things out and if it is working, expand from there.

How Twilio Anticipated The Need For Twilio Flex

About a year ago Twilio Flex came to the market and this was a shift from them being a developers app. They saw a lot of users creating their own contact center application so they decided to create one for them. What is interesting about Flex is their perspective on contact center: It is the first fully programmable contact center. Meaning however your contact center operates it is fully customizable to your organization, and it allows you to create plug-in type processes