Never Miss A Microsoft Update For Your Mitel Connect Phone System

Taking a proactive approach to keeping your Mitel Connect System up to date is easier today than it has been in the past. It is much easier to stay current on Microsoft updates with the many new updates Mitel Connect offers on a regular basis with monthly and quarterly updates. Comparatively, Mitel Connect is updated more often than the previous ShoreTel 14.2, 13.x, and so on, however, we are still a long way from the ease of updates we have grown accustomed to on the app store or on google play.

Mitel doesn’t publish an easy to follow document that would correlate Mitel Build Release with approved Microsoft builds. That seems like a really easy thing to do. Someone somewhere probably has it, but it has not been shared with anyone here at Inflow nor have we seen anything like it.

In the meantime, we will be your GPS guide to keeping you up to date. With a login to Mitel’s OneView portal, you would look up the Release Notes doc on that particular Build, and there is a section in that doc that talks about Microsoft updates. Make sure to bookmark this page and stay up to date with all things Mitel Connect by signing up for all of these cool tips and tricks from Inflow!

  1. Navigate to the Mitel OneView portal to find your MiVoice Connect Build (Note: You will need to use your Mitel OneView login information. If you do not have a login, our support team can create or reset one for you)
  2. Select the top login option: Onsite & Partner MiAccess Login
  3. Find the Build you are interested in and download the Release Notes PDF.
  4. Then in that document search for “Microsoft Updates” and it will show what is supported and not supported.
  5. Perhaps understanding that there is a method and design behind all of these updates would be beneficial to you? At Inflow, once we understood this it made it easier to follow- check out this article to learn the overall philosophy of Mitel/ShoreTel regarding Microsoft updates.

Or if you are more of a cliff notes reader we have summarized the good stuff for you below:

  1. Microsoft regularly addresses security gaps in its products and makes these fixes available to its customers in the form of official Microsoft updates. For your Mitel MiVoice Connect system, it is highly recommended that you keep the Windows Server OS secure by installing the Microsoft recommended and important software updates only after being tested and verified by ShoreTel. If Mitel does not find any negative impact from a Microsoft update, customers are free to apply the tested Microsoft update without the need to upgrade their entire system.
  2. Generally speaking, Mitel provides MiVoice Connect releases on a Quarterly basis with Service Pack updates every 2-3 months. Before every release, Mitel evaluates the effect of the latest recommended and important Microsoft updates on the Connect platform. If our testing detects any compatibility issue with Mitel Connect software resulting from a Microsoft security update, we will assess the impact and create an appropriate Service Alert.
  3. Customers are advised to review the Mitel MiVoice Connect Release Build Notice article and do the following:
    1. After each “NOTE” look for Service Alert and Product Bulletin information, and use the links to open recommended articles.
    2. Open the Software Build Notice PDF by selecting the “ST MiVoice Connect … pdf” file in the Attachment 1 field at the bottom of the article
    3. Review the “Microsoft Updates” topic in the Version Compatibility section of the above PDF to know which Microsoft updates are tested and safe to install.
  4. This is where you can research a particular Microsoft update for your Mitel Connect System.
  5. If you have any questions about specific Service Alerts and Product Bulletins or are not sure which Microsoft updates are safe to install, please open a Case and contact the Inflow Support Team.
  6. Something else to keep in mind is you can get in front of the updates as you are able to patch ahead of the ShoreTel/Mitel schedule, just be prepared to back those updates out if issues arise.