Highlights, Trends, And Bold Predictions From Genesys Xperience 2019

There were many ideas and highlights we brought home with us from Denver, as well as a little hardware for Inflow being named “Cloud Disrupter Of The Year” based on our success in deploying the PureCloud product for our customers! From thought leaders to practitioners and everywhere in between the golden thread that tied them all together was customer experience.

inflow genesys award
genesys award inflow

Sure it was full of all the normal stuff you’d expect – that we’re in the age of the customer and that Genesys as a technology company is very centered around their cloud strategy. There were many themes both on stage and around the conference that are worth sharing and we dive into those below.

Is Artificial Intelligence Making Its Way Into Unified Communications?

This is bringing a lot of buzz, but the consensus is most organizations are still trying to figure this out. Many organizations are using this today in small ways, but for ‘the masses’ there is a ton of confusion, opportunity for some great to-be-written use cases, and a whole lot of potential for organizations of all sizes to be evaluating areas where AI can enhance their employee and customer experience.

Artificial Intelligence is very similar to how “Nano-Technology” was a buzz word in the early 2000’s with everyone waiting on a huge industry disrupting breakthrough and everything needed to have nano technology for it to be successful. While Nano-technology created yawns shortly after Venture Firms lost interest, it did in fact shape our world today, just not in the way we thought. AI is shaping our industry and will create amazing efficiencies however this will come with many small strides and not with some earth shattering breakthrough some expect.

The Speed Of Adoption Is Not On Pace With The Speed Of Technology

Piggybacking off AI, in general, the technology around contact centers and customer experience is way out in front of adoption by organizations. There appears to be a large, perhaps even growing, gap between the speed that many organizations are adopting and what is available out there to adopt. The organizations who can be agile and adaptable have tremendous capabilities to differentiate and get in front of their competition around Customer Experience. This is where a lot of the unglamorous work needs to happen – organizations figuring out how to operationalize new channels, like Artificial Intelligence.

So many in our industry are focused on the technology, which is good however helping companies from large scale Enterprise businesses to start ups adopt the technology needed quickly should be a top priority. After all what good is new technology if nobody knows how to use it? That is a question I think of everytime I see a QR code.

Conversation Intelligence and Analytics: If You Don’t Know What That Is You Should

This is an untapped goldmine for organizations. Imagine if you could get quantifiable data on every customer conversation that provides insights into your agents, customers, product or service, sales/support/customer service process, risk and compliance and much more. Anything that your customer has an opinion, idea, feedback or thoughts on within your company there is data to be extracted.

Well, the technology to make that data is available, although that’s not widely known as it effectively is a brand new category. Once an organization realizes this conversation data exists the questions go from “what is this data” to who uses this data in our organization and what exactly should we be looking for?

We live in the age of customer feedback, instant customer feedback. We can now compile the aggregate trends of your customer base and anticipate their collective needs. This is information companies have spent millions of dollars on to get this data, and thanks to many breakthroughs this can be delivered easily with the right software in place.