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The Importance of Workforce Management For Your Contact Center

Inflow has always been a technology agnostic consulting practice structured around enabling Contact Centers to deliver a positive customer experience. To fully understand our customer’s needs we perform a comprehensive 2-day assessment with our customers. That team speaks with everyone within the contact center from the executive & supervisor level to the agents themselves.

These conversations always have a heavy focus on agent engagement, workflow, analytics including key performance indicators around hold times, customer experience and even how lighting affects performance within the Contact Center ecosystem. The one constant issue that we hear about at Inflow is Staffing, and we are always finding ways to help our customers break down the barriers preventing them from delivering the best customer experience in their industry.

Partnering With The Best Workforce Management Solution For Your Contact Center

In our never-ending quest to bring the best solutions to our customers we partnered with the leader in Workforce Management – Teleopti who’s entire focus over 25 years in business has been on WFM. While some companies and manufacturers view Workforce Management as a value-add product to their arsenal, for Teleopti this is their entire arsenal. This is what they do, and why Inflow made the decision to partner with Teleopti as they are the best of breed solution for Workforce Management.

Travis Dillard President and CEO of Inflow Communications sat down with Adam Robertson Director of Channel Sales at Teleopti to discuss how implementing a Workforce Management Solution in your business, regardless of size can bring a positive and quick ROI to your organization.

Teleopti Has A Laser Focus On Workforce Management Within The Contact Center Space

There are a lot of manufacturers who have WFM as part of their suite of products that are offered as part of their package however most fall short in delivering a solution that can integrate with a diverse range of technology within the Unified Communications and Contact Center space as they are geared towards integration with their solution.

Choosing the right partner is something Travis Dillard and Inflow have always taken the time to vet properly: “After a long search and putting platforms through a series of tests we arrived at Teleopti and how Teleopti can drive robust enhancements to power customer experience in their Contact Center Operations”.

Workforce Management Is THE Focus For Teleopti

Contact Center Staffing has always been an issue that is always top of mind within the industry, so when Dillard saw the capabilities of Teleopti he knew this would be a powerful tool to integrate into Inflow’s offering. “Staffing can be attributed to the top issues within a Contact Center: Agent Engagement, Cost Savings, Operational Efficiencies and of course all of this tie back to the most important metric of all: Customer Experience. All of these metrics and analytics are tracked to enable our customers to deliver exceptional Customer Experience. Giving your employees the tools to deliver that experience and empowering them also creates a culture that drives employee retention. Having satisfied employees drives that experience, and Teleopti is a catalyst for creating that culture.”

Robertson added “WFM is something that should empower your organization and how you service your customers. With our solution, you have the ability to enable your employees like never before. We have been able to accomplish this by being completely agnostic on the Contact Center Solution. With Teleopti there is no agenda that we are pushing because Workforce Management is our only goal, regardless of the system you have in place”.

Why Flexibility Matters Within The Contact Center

Having a customer-centric approach to their Contact Center has always been the focus for Inflow, and with Teleopti that process starts with the customer’s environment first as well. No two Contact Centers are the same, and Adam’s team knows that first hand with their lives on live two handoff process. They start by sitting down with the customer and understanding how they operate, their pain points, areas of concern, peak times and so much more. Starting with their business first ensures that by the time the solution is implemented the training and education are in place for success.

Or as Robertson said in the interview “The tool is completely fine-tuned to your environment. Our core focus has allowed us to have feature velocity, especially on the cloud side. We have customers in 90 countries and that shows our ability to adapt to adverse environments. We emphasize elegance in simplicity and design, our Workforce Management software molds to the customers’ environment and not the other way around.”

Workforce Management Can Help Companies Of Virtually Any Size

Robertson said that one of the false assumptions about Workforce Management is that it can only help larger organizations when that is far from reality. While they work with companies like Capital One and Netflix, the majority of the organizations they work with range from 30-500 agents within the Contact Center.

If you are a company that is currently tracking your information using spreadsheets or maybe thought you would be getting more features from your current solution then a long look at Teleopti may be beneficial for your company.

“Whether you are using something today or trying to figure out your strategy for the future it is always a best practice to find out what tools are available. Maybe you are looking to find out how to automate scheduling or take your historical data and use this to elevate your customer experience. Taking that information and being able to predict in 15-minute increments where you are going to need your people on any given day is a reality with the proper solution in place. There are ways to be able to pivot immediately based on real-time needs, mobile tools for your agents, and adherence tools from a monitoring perspective to name a few of the many arrows in our quiver to help you operate efficiently.”

Realizing A Return On Investment With Teleopti Workforce Management In Your Contact Center

An example that Adam uses to quantify ROI within your Contact Center would be taking a sample size of 150 agents. If you are to take half of those agents and shave off 3 hours in unproductive time during a 40 hour work week, that gives you a return of 225 hours for one week. That is a very modest assumption when looking at the Contact Center landscape and what a true Workforce Management Solution can accomplish in cost savings, operational efficiency and workflow.

Each Contact Center is different, however doing some quick math based on your number of agents and even a modest 50% success rate allows you to realize the potential in your ROI when deploying the Teleopti solutions. This is one of the many reasons Dillard and our team decided to partner with Teleopti. “The power of the ROI comes down to the biggest pain point for Contact Centers- Staffing. This is the #1 cost in any organization. The elegance and simplicity of Teleopti is what drove our decision. Having the right person available at the right time is critical in driving customer experience, and that is and always has been our focus for our customers.”

Inflow And Teleopti – A Partnership That Can Transform Your Customer Experience

Given Inflow’s diverse base of customers and their client-focused approach, Dillard and the team quickly realized Teleopti needed to be part of their offering. “When it comes to adaptability, flexibility and a focus on being the best at what they do Teleopti made it an easy decision in choosing them as our partner.”

Being able to adapt to the different environments and how they conduct business is important to us at Inflow. Teleopti takes into account how every organization interacts with its customers within their Contact Center. There are so many ways to communicate with customers from your traditional calls and emails to chat or text, Teleopti even helped some customers properly manage handwritten thank you notes from agents. Proving that no matter how you communicate with your customers, they are able to help you build the metrics behind what is important to you.

Inflow’s Contact Center Success Management and Teleopti’s Workforce Management implemented correctly can be a powerful combination for your business. If you want to take your Contact Center Workforce Management to the next level, get in contact with Inflow today to explore how this powerful partnership can transform your business!