SIP Virtualization and Why the Right Session Border Controller is Important

June 25, 2019

With the modern telecom systems moving firmly forward into the world of SIP, we find ourselves answering more and more questions about how to convert over to SIP and what equipment is required. SIP codes and requirements can vary widely depending on your SIP provider and your phone system. Generally, when integrating a SIP circuit with a Mitel PBX Unified Communications system we recommend having a certified Session Border Controller, otherwise known as an SBC, in place. This device acts as a mediator to ensure that SIP media traffic being passed between the telephone carrier circuit and your PBX use standardized codes.

SIP Overview

There are many options out there for carriers offering SIP services and packages and there is no one right answer for what service will best fit your needs. When looking for a carrier for SIP service there are a few key questions to ask:

  • Does the carrier offer the services and functionality required for your business?
  • Does the carrier have previous experience with integrating their SIP service with a Mitel PBX?
  • Does the carrier install their own SBC for their SIP service? If not, do they require one to interface with the VoIP network?

Session Border Controller Overview

Many SBC brands exist but not all SBCs are created equal. If your chosen carrier does not provide their own SBC, we recommend implementing one on the PBX network to act as the intermediary for the connection between the PBX and the public carrier network. There are situations where an SBC would not be required, such as setups where the carrier has equipment on site that provides a local network interface that bridges the connection to the carrier network. If their service is known to work with the Mitel PBX software natively, without an SBC, this would be a potential configuration option.

Please keep in mind that interoperability changes over time with software version updates. For more information about choosing an SBC or a SIP service provider please contact your Inflow Communications Customer Success Manager.

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