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Important Mitel End of Life Update

As we always do, we’re coming at you with relevant news – good, bad or indifferent – to make sure you’re staying informed on all the important updates from ShoreTel/Mitel. Below we have a few important updates touching on Connect, tariffs and support reinstatement changes.

We wanted to make sure you, as a valued ShoreTel/Mitel customer, are well informed on some important recent news:

14.2 and SG Switches End of Life News

Effective 5/15/2019 Mitel announced an extension of the 14.2 End of Life, putting that date now at 9/30/2020 (extended from 12/31/2019). As a reminder, End of Life for 14.2 means Mitel TAC will be providing “Best effort technical support for catastrophic failures/critical issues only.” Inflow will still be supporting our customers on 14.2 beyond that date but now is the time to make sure we don’t get to a point where the system is unsupported by Mitel!

Additionally, Mitel SG30/50/90/220/T1k switches have an End of Life date of 6/30/2023. This means that the Connect builds after that date may or may not support those switches and that will be up to Mitel’s discretion as they further enhance Connect.

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Effective 7/1/2019 Mitel will be moving forward with a 15% increase on list price because of the U.S. and China trade tariff. This will affect the newer model “ST” switches (e.g ST50A, ST1D, etc.) and bundles that include those appliances.

New Support Reinstatement Policy

Effective 7/8/2019 Mitel is making a change to support renewals whereby if a customer hasn’t renewed by 30 days after the contract date the reinstatement fee is increasing. Currently, the reinstatement fee is a flat fee of 20% of the 1-year support contract amount, and the new fee will be a sliding scale of 40% – 100% of the 1-year support contract amount. The sliding scale depends on how long ago the contract expired.

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