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Customer Success Management: It’s More Than You Think

Here at Inflow, we’re always looking to improve the customer experience. As a Customer Success Management (CSM) Team, we’re continuously reviewing the overall experience of our customers, educating them on industry trends or best practices as well as being a guide of sorts that recommends relevant products that can help them achieve your goals.

You might be asking yourself, “How can it help my company?”

The CSM Team is here to make sure the potential of your Unified Communications or Contact Center solution has isn’t lost or wasted. We are part of the vehicle that can help you reach your destination in one piece. You, the customer, is still in the driver’s seat, but we, the CSM Team, are your co-pilots.

We make sure there is a route or a roadmap planned to achieve your goals all the while we’re not touching the pedals. Instead, we query (seek to understand) your needs, look at all the possible routes and then make sure you get the intended destination in the best way possible. (Think of us like ‘Siri’; nudging you to turn left or right until you’ve reached your destination!)

Now you might be asking yourself, “How do you accomplish all of that?”

Well first, we are ‘tapped into’ a plethora of resources that allow us to keep you up to date on releases/updates to current products as well as up and coming products we think you might be interested in. We want to make sure you have the information you need before you need it.

We also have organized processes in place to keep the car we’re navigating for you moving forward – One process we follow are quarterly business reviews. During these reviews, the CSM team engages in discussing the overall customer strategy or roadmap and shares updates (which might include current technology trends or updates on best practices). This time is 100% dedicated to ensuring we’re still on the best path in order to reach your goals.

So, you’re probably thinking, “This is great, but I’ve got to ask…who IS the CSM Team?”

Oh, we are so glad you asked! Let’s start with the basics first:

We are not robots, like Siri. We are passionate, fun, hard-working humans (with non-Siri like voices) like you!

We’re very passionate about going above and beyond (then further), which includes having some fun sometimes! We will spare you the music video we made during a recent team event (you’re welcome), but leave you with a picture of us “humans” working hard to create unforgettable customer experiences for all of you!

We look forward to helping you reach your destination, then deciding where to go next!

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