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Q&A With Los Angeles Pacific University: Cloud Contact Center Solutions Success Story

Learn How Inflow’s Gap Analysis and Insights Review Lead To Optimizations for Los Angeles Pacific University

At Inflow, it is our goal to build and provide software that helps businesses. We believe we can help by providing the tools to help a team work smarter and achieve their dreams faster. There is nothing we like more than hearing about success stories, and how we made a difference with the quality of service we offer. We did our best to help Los Angeles Pacific University with the ShoreTel Cloud implementation and asked them a few questions about their process of integration.

About Los Angeles Pacific University

Los Angeles Pacific University is an accredited, Christ-centered learning community that creates new hope for the future by offering convenient and affordable associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees to students of all backgrounds. As part of the Azusa Pacific University System, LAPU provides a high-quality, faith-integrated education that is intentionally accessible, career-relevant, and committed to student success.

Q&A With Los Angeles Pacific University

How Did LAPU Initially Learn of Inflow Communications and our Cloud Contact Center Services?

I knew about Inflow from a previous employer of mine. They utilized the system while I was there and had such an incredibly positive experience. When I noticed the gaps in our current system, I knew who to call to help us get on track! There was no other company that focused on making things easier for us the way Inflow has.

What were the primary drivers that led you to our CCSM program?

Though we had inherited an ACD (automatic call distributor) we had nothing officially installed that would work for everything. Most of our decision-makers were new to the process as well, and we needed guidance on the best practices to adapt, so when Jenna guided us toward the CCSM (Contact Center Success Management Program), we listened. Chris also stepped up and helped us review our insights and showed us a gap analysis on where the system could help us improve.

What were the issues we helped you with?

The big issue you helped with was looking at the data behind the data. Understanding and reviewing metrics was a big thing you helped with. Using the insights helped us see where we could increase our efficiency. With Chris’s help, we were able to identify and articulate the pain points of our system and the solutions that might work to solve them. It felt almost as if you (and Chris specifically) had an answer to every question we had.

Have you learned anything new about your contact center?  If so, what?

We learned how to optimize our call center by finding the root of the problems and preventing them from happening again. We also utilized proactive measures to improve the service we provided. With the help of your reps and their guidance, we found a lot of room for improvement in our process. We also learned new ways to increase our productivity. In addition to that, it was easier with your help to find better ways to utilize our phone system.

How has this knowledge and these enhancements improved your business?

The knowledge we have gained has been really helpful in showing the gaps in our productivity. Knowing where we can improve has helped us come up with the ways to do so. The guidance you have provided throughout the entire process has given us the tools to become better. We now have the knowledge and the room to enhance our processes with the fixes you’ve suggested. This kind of upgrade boosts morale too, and the extra time we have has given us the ability to focus on improving our inside sales.

Now that you’ve been with Inflow for a while, what are the main positive attributes that stand out?

Inflow’s customer service has always stood out to me. They care about the community and their customers and it is obvious. The Inflow representatives are top notch and support you offer never lapsed in quality service. The communication turnaround is very short, no more than fifteen minutes, which is amazing. Of course, I expect a vendor to be a subject matter expert and you are and then some. Inflow offers a quick and easy process to source solutions, and you do exactly that, you follow through with what you promise. Your knowledge transfer is great, I know that you will take care of us and give us the support we might need. That makes you stand out.

How does Inflow compare to your other technology vendors?

You guys are great. Picking the ways that you have enhanced our teams is difficult. What I do know though is that your turnaround time is nice and short, meaning we do not have to wait to hear solutions to our problems. Communications are always well received, we enjoy working with your team. Above those two things though, you offer great solutions that we otherwise might not have thought of. You exceeded our expectations in helping us improve.

Is there anything we can improve on?

Though I believe everyone can improve, I do not know how you could. You offered clear process improvements, consistent relevant advice and helped us monitor ourselves for future improvements too. For us, this has been a boost to productivity and morale. The help you have offered was so extensive, it is difficult for me to think of ways you could have helped us more.