Creating An Exceptional Customer Experience With Technology Not In Spite Of It

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Creating An Exceptional Customer Experience With Technology, Not In Spite Of It

By Travis Dillard


In years past, we had primarily been a Unified Communications Integrator that pulled through Contact Center services and software. Like any business, we had experienced some growing pains throughout our history, however, we had become very successful in that role.

Adapting In The Ever-Evolving Unified Communications Space

One of the many lessons I have learned throughout my tenure as a business owner is that past success guarantees you nothing in the future. It was with that thought in mind that about five years ago, we crafted our first version of our Core Customer Statement. In this exercise, we identified, in detail, the attributes of a customer whom we could provide the most value and who aligned best with our core principles. One of the key pillars of our core customer profile was that they had mission-critical communications.

While we identified some potential customers that fit into this category, it was through this exercise that gave birth to our increased focus on customers who had, or needed, Contact Center. The Contact Center is most often one of the most mission-critical applications of these businesses. Customer retention and the speed of which you are able to deliver an exceptional customer experience are directly tied together, and we knew we had an ideal fit for our team at Inflow.  

Our speed of adoption is something that continues to be a source of pride for me, even as we grow our passion for evolving and adapting to meet our customers’ demands never wavers. That is exactly why that next year, we became ShoreTel’s Contact Center Partner of the Year. Then shortly after adding Genesys to our quiver, we became a Gold Genesys Partner as well. 

Utilizing Technology To Elevate The Contact Center Customer Experience

Now, more than ever, technology can positively affect the Customer Experience. It is not only becoming mission-critical, but it’s also a business’s “life or death” as the lasting effects of that experience live long after that interaction.  Positive or negative reviews can go viral in an hour, no longer is the experience isolated to the customer and the company. That circle has exploded over the past decade, which is a major factor in both Customer Experience and sometimes more importantly potential customers perception of what your Customer Experience is.

We don’t just understand the technology that goes into helping transform your Contact Center into a Customer Experience Center, we understand the entire ecosystem around it. That is why we are nearing our complete transition on becoming a Contact Center Company first, and a Unified Communications company second.  

The Cloud And The Contact Center

From a technology perspective, the fastest cloud adoption is happening in the Contact Center and Customer Experience space. As most know, Contact Centers are the revenue “lifeblood” of a company with a different set of decision makers (outside of IT). Companies know that the only way they can compete today and into the future is to continually improve and innovate their customer experience.

Omni-channel, application and database integration, Artificial Intelligence, Conversations Analytics, advanced analytics, “in-app” messaging, and many more innovations are some of the ways businesses are differentiating and getting ahead while managing costs utilizing cloud technology. Most often, the Contact Center offers the easiest and most impactful place to do this. A small tweak that saves 8 seconds per call may seem like a small innovation in a smaller space. However, in this space, a small innovation is actually extremely impactful when considering the scale and volume of interactions on a daily basis.   

Is It A Contact Center Or A Customer Experience Center?

The smart companies are realizing that if they have employees that interact with customers, they’re a Contact Center. I’m going out on a limb here, but I’m willing to predict that the term “Contact Center” will become outdated and obsolete.  It will be replaced by “Customer Experience” technology and therefore becoming a Customer Experience Center. This is much like the term “PBX” is to “Unified Communications”.

The days of thinking the customer-facing part of your company is a room full of Contact Center agents with headsets is over. If you’re interacting with a customer, you better be equipped with technology that makes those precious interactions more seamless and elegant for your employees and your customers. How quickly technology evolves, I would say most, if not all, of those interactions, will be powered by cloud-based Customer Experience Software.

Transitioning With Our Customer Top Of Mind

This is the transition we’ve gone through in our own business, and we want to guide the world’s best organizations by innovating their customer experience through technology, proven methodology, and data. We would love to help you transition into a Customer Experience Center now and well into the future.  Contact us today to come along for the ride!

About Inflow

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