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Q&A With Northstar Memorial Group

How ShoreTel Cloud and Cloud Contact Center Services Became the Deciding Factor

About Northstar Memorial Group

Northstar Memorial Group has dedicated their efforts into celebrating life and passionately supporting the families that are looking to memorialize their loved ones. After some time of being unable to find a company that could guide their migration to ShoreTel Cloud and Cloud Contact Center Services.

We took some time to sit down with Gary Veteto, a Technical Analyst at Northstar Memorial, and discuss how the Inflow Communications team has helped them with their technology migration. If you’re considering Inflow Communications for your migrations to ShoreTel Cloud and Cloud Contact Center Services, read through Greg’s first-hand account of the quality of services provided by Inflow Communications!

Q&A With Gary Veteto, Telecom Analyst

How Did You Learn About Inflow Communication’s Migration Services?

Inflow Communications was introduced to us by a third-party consultant. Corey reached out to us specifically and he helped us through the difficult process of figuring out what we wanted and needed during the migration process. We found out the ShoreTel Cloud System was right for us, so to consolidate tech we unified programming and support.

Having all of our services covered by a Unified Communication company like Inflow Communications, proved to be the right decision for us.

What Inflow Communications Services Have Helped You the Most?

You’ve helped us with incredible expertise and industry knowledge, but primarily with the ShoreTel Cloud and Cloud Contact Center Optimization. I do not know what we would have done without your incredible support. The company has been perfect at helping us out with advice on how to incorporate what we’re doing for the best results.

How Have the ShoreTel Cloud and the Cloud Contact Center Improved Your Business Specifically?

Our business is all about how we handle phone calls. Both the ShoreTel Cloud and the Cloud Contact Center have streamlined everything for us. Inflow has even gone above and beyond by modifying the training speech you give to our employees to incorporate some of our company initiatives and the reasons why we train the way we do.

How Did the Cloud Contact Center Migration Process Go?

There have been no issues, everything has been terrific. We’re still in the progress of the migration and doing a few offices at a time, but each time it is done properly. You send out career training and installation to help things go smoothly.

Now That You’ve Been with Inflow for a While, What Are the Main Positive Inflow Communications Attributes That Stand Out to You?

Working with your crews is the main positive. Everybody on the crew is very knowledgeable. I don’t have to go to a particular person or place to ask a question. I love that I can ask anyone anything and they can answer. Another thing is how your teams are extremely organized. When they show up they know exactly what they’re doing and know exactly what to do to get the job done.

Any Specific New Tools or Skills Have We Helped you Learn?

Absolutely! Your team has written scripts and is helping us make sure the phone system incorporates seamlessly. Everybody we’ve worked with at your company has worked directly with us to make sure everything fits together properly and that it is done right the first time.

How Does Inflow Communications Compare to Your Previous Technology Vendors?

You’re heads above the rest – I have so many vendors where I can’t get ahold of anyone or I get people who can’t help me but I never have that problem at Inflow. Corey will step in and help us out no issue every time if we ever really need him.

Is There Anything We can Improve Upon?

There is always room for improvement but you guys are so good now, that I don’t think I would request anything specific that could improve anything.