Top 3 Things You’re Missing Out on By Not Utilizing SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)

Top 3 Things You’re Missing Out On By Not Utilizing SIP Trunking on the Mitel/ShoreTel Platform

By: Michael Dolloff, Chief Revenue Officer


We work with hundreds of businesses across the U.S. and it seems more than half are not currently realizing the benefits of SIP trunking. If you’re not ready to migrate your unified communications to the cloud, there are many incredible benefits your business may be missing out on.

If you are ready to make the switch, Get in touch with our dedicated service team and we’ll get your SIP Trunking Services underway!

What is SIP Trunking?

SIP, or Session Initiation Protocol, is the primary way you implement and execute VoIP, or Voice over IP, services and phone calls. SIP is a specific part of that function that connects two endpoints across the internet to allow real-time phone calls and video messaging services.

SIP Trunking, however, is the system in place that allows you to make local, long-distance or international calls as a part of one or many channels to your PBX, or Private Branch Exchange. SIP Trunking allows you to connect your SIP system to your internal PBX system and eliminate restrictions on the number of concurrent VoIP calls in your office.

SIP trunking and SIP Service Providers can help you digitize your Call system, so if you’re not currently using one, you may be missing out.

Top 3 Benefits Of SIP Trunking You’re Missing Out On With Your Current SIP Provider

1. Flexibility and Scalability of a Digital SIP Provider With ShoreTel

A great SIP Provider Service can help you scale your business dynamically – no matter where your SIP trunks may be. No matter what time of year or the size of your business,

DID’s (Direct Inward Dialing Numbers) Anywhere With Local Emergency/911 Access

SIP Providers allow you to use DID numbers from all over the country to terminate to your SIP trunks, wherever those SIP trunks might be. For example, if you have a small remote office in a neighboring state, you can have local DIDs for that office terminate along with your other DIDs at your main location while providing local E911 for the small office. This gives you the benefit of having local DIDs for your users and business without having to deal with a different telco provider circuit or infrastructure at that small location.

Dynamic Scalability With ShoreTel SIP Services

SIP providers can give you flexibility for seasonality or other areas of business where you need to increase or decrease call capacity to meet demands any time of the year or at any scale of your business.

With the ability to add or remove trunks from 1 to thousands, you’re not locked into adding PRI’s. Also, because SIP is IP traffic, you’re not dealing with a new circuit to expand capacity in most cases. Your speed of increase can be much more rapid.

Ultimate Flexibility With Digital ShoreTel SIP Services

SIP can be delivered in many different ways such as over a dedicated connection to the SIP provider or over a public internet connection. You have flexibility in that delivery. Also, if you have or want to have SD-WAN in your environment, you can use that technology to benefit your voice traffic/SIP trunking as well.

2. Seamless Disaster Recovery Measures With the ShoreTel SIP Provider

When something goes wrong with your internal PBX or the SIP Trunking of your system, you need everything back up and running.

Inbound & Outbound Call Routing During Failover

SIP gives you more control to deliver inbound and outbound calls successfully under various common outages. For example, if you have SIP service coming into two locations, and one site were to fail (power, flood, internet outage, etc.) calls can be automatically routed in and out of the other SIP location. Meaning, even your inbound calls are now automatically coming to the site that is still up.

Manual Routing of Calls and Trunks in ShoreTel SIP

Good SIP providers should give you a great portal to manually control where you want trunks or DID’s pointed. If you are missing the direct control aspect of your SIP system, there may be more going on in the back end than you know. With ShoreTel SIP Services you can control how and where your calls are flowing.

Transport Failover from Primary to Secondary Connections

SIP traffic can failover from your primary connection (e.g. MPLS) to a backup connection (e.g. fiber internet) in case of an issue with the underlying connection. Some can do this in real time.

3. Cost Savings Benefits for Your Bottom Line With SIP

Having a SIP Provider, like ShoreTel SIP with its flexibility and scalability, you automatically find efficiencies and cost savings that will help your business grow.

Better Utilization of Existing SIP Trunk Resources

With SIP ProvidersServices you’ll pay close to what you need for trunks instead of paying for extra idle trunks. Great SIP Providers allow you to share trunk resources across multiple systems instead of having to designate trunk lines for each location, helping you avoid underutilization waste.

More Consistent Availability For Your Business, Rain or Shine

Outages happen, but it’s important to have a system that is flexible and responsive enough to fill in the gaps and outages, wherever they may be. If your SIP Provider isn’t keeping your phones ringing with resiliency, no matter the conditions, you may be missing out on calls and even worse, sales.

Better Visibility of Where your Resources Are Going

Partnering with a SIP Provider allows you to decrease the amount of burden on your existing IT staff. With a self-provisioning, online portal your staff can service multiple locations, with less time on ticketing and support lines.

Some SIP providers even offer definitive troubleshooting tools and call-by-call quality scoring available through that same, secure web portal.

Better Pricing and Cost Savings Across Multiple Locations with SIP

Generally, SIP has more beneficial usage rates and pricing models. Therefore, we usually see savings of 10-40% when people make the switch to SIP from traditional switchboards. Customers with multiple locations can see savings of 50% or more especially when using a provider that allows you to share trunk resources across different locations and PBX systems.

Ready to Dive Right Into ShoreTel SIP Trunking Services?

If you’re ready to move your businesses traditional PBX system over to a VoIP-friendly SIP System, we can help. Our dedicated team is ready to offer you a free Disaster Recovery evaluation to let you know how your current system can handle the worst.

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