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Q&A with Precor Fitness

Learn how Inflow has gone above and beyond to help Precor improve and manage their telecom infrastructure


About Precor Fitness

Precor manufactures premium fitness equipment used by health clubs, hotels, universities, and fitness enthusiasts around the world. Brandon Ogden inherited Inflow’s Support System when he became Director of IT. But he’s certainly glad that they were already in place. We recently spoke to Brandon to find out more about how Precor has found working with Inflow and how Inflow compares to other solutions on the market. If you’re considering us as a new provider, this Q&A will hopefully give you the insight you need to make an informed decision.

Q&A with Brandon Ogden, Director of IT

What were the major reasons for looking for a new company to support your ShoreTel system?

I actually inherited Inflow’s Support System. It was our previous management at Precor who brought on Inflow. Inflow’s support was vital, however. The biggest reason we needed it is that we had absolutely no expertise with ShoreTel whatsoever. The expertise that we had left the company. So, there was no one left who understood ShoreTel and the call center, in particular. There were a lot of changes that needed to happen at the call center, so we ended up leaning pretty heavily on Inflow for training support and generally getting us up to speed.

What major enhancements have Inflow helped you with?

There haven’t been any major updates yet, although we have a database change in Salesforce coming up very soon that we’ll be needing help with. There have been countless other little things that Inflow has helped us with, however. Recently, they helped us to add a new SIP

trunk to the system. I end up calling Inflow quite a bit, too. For instance, I had a call yesterday to fix a Brightmetrics data set that wasn’t loading properly. My call was answered in three rings and within minutes the engineer was inside Brightmetrics making the fix. He even gave me his direct phone number, so I could call him back with any other questions or issues. Its unheard of to be able to hang up and then call back five minutes later and speak to the same person.

Have you completed any training with Inflow?

I’ve gone through several of the walkthrough videos in Inflow’s knowledge base and passed them on to several other members of the team. They’ve been very helpful with everything from how to set up an extension to understanding IVR and route points. I actually had one specific issue I was working through recently where a customer required support on weekends when we aren’t open. I needed to set up a way to identify that customer’s caller IDs and to transfer the call to an on-call customer service rep if it is out of hours.

How were the first few months of working with Inflow?

I met Chris Recio from Inflow in January and explained that despite working in telecoms for the last 20 years, I’ve never worked with ShoreTel. Chris provided me with his phone number and email and told me to get in touch if I had any questions and then offered to set up an hour-long meeting the following week during which he’d run me through everything relating it to other systems I had worked with. We ended up having two of those meetings. He probably saved me 60 hours of work reading through manuals and trying to work it out myself.

We then asked Chris to come up and spend a day working with me, our IT team and our customer service managers because we weren’t taking advantage of a lot of what ShoreTel can do. He went through everyone’s concerns and explained how we could take care of them. He then worked with us in the months afterward as we implemented all of his suggestions. He’s been a great resource and a huge asset.

Now that you have been with Inflow a while, are there any positives that stand out?

The way that Inflow goes above and beyond to help us. For instance, on Monday I get a call saying Comcast wants to turn up their SIPs the next day. It was the first time I had ever dealt with SIP trunks with ShoreTel so I sent an email into support and was able to secure help from an engineer immediately. This was very last minute, so it was pretty amazing that we were able to get someone scheduled that quickly.

Brad (Inflow’s engineer) was a fantastic help on the call the next day. We hit a couple of issues such as not having licenses in the system to add the trunks and the fact that we were on an old hardware platform.

Comcast wasn’t the easiest to work with, but Brad was brilliant. He was literally telling the Comcast engineer everything he needed to do before doing it.

When it came to setting up the trunks, Brad recommended setting up a virtual appliance to handle everything rather than using hardware because it will work better. We were thinking it was something we’d have to call back in for later to set up, but Brad said we could make the switch to the virtual appliance then and there. Myself and my engineer were shocked; it wasn’t even what we called up for in the first place.

Brad got us upgraded and stayed on the phone for longer than he needed to make sure it was working properly. He provided really specific instructions on how to test it and make sure everything was working and even stayed on the phone with me afterward to provide additional advice. Basically, he went way above and beyond anything I expected.

How does Inflow compare to other technology vendors you work with?

Inflow is the best I’ve worked with in telecom without a doubt. I’ve worked with other partners who were great and who I’ve recommended to others, but Inflow blows them away.

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