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Reasons to Switch to a Cloud Contact Center, Part I: Increase Flexibility & Scalability

By: Chris Recio, Director of Contact Center and Advanced Applications


This post is part one of a 5 part series of reasons why you should switch to a cloud contact center. We’ll be covering how to stay relevant without a large initial investment, providing flexible contact options for customers, quicker deployment and increased speed to market, and improved date and systems integration. Stay tuned for the upcoming topics in this series!

Reacting to customer demands and market movements as a contact center executive is hard. One of the most frustrating obstacles for growing the contact center is the time it takes to add new users, obtain a quote, sign documents, and then deploy the new users into the growing contact center. It is particularly difficult as customers are demanding faster responses to growth in contact demands and will look elsewhere if your contact center can’t meet their needs fast enough.

Contact centers need to scale and expand quickly

Any contact center operation would do well to spend time projecting and planning their contact center needs well in advance, but as you may already know, there are instances where the need to rapidly deploy new users comes up. This is especially true when executives within the organization plan and execute acquisition strategies unbeknownst to the contact center operations. The struggle then becomes how quickly can we transition the new organization into the existing organization for the sake of branding and unifying all operations?

On the flip side, many industries experience seasonal jumps in demand for very short periods of time. Having the ability to expand and contract based on seasonal demands is critical to these types of operations. However, during the downtime, these operations often are required to maintain and pay for licensing throughout the year, just for the luxury of supporting their needs during the peak season. It’s not a good fit for the customer but it’s often the only solution contact centers can provide.

Cloud contact centers are automatically flexible

Is there a way to make contact centers instantly more flexible without damaging the quality or efficiency of service?

Enter the cloud-based contact center.

Many contact center solutions are providing a structure and license model that will allow this need for seasonal expandability, while not requiring the customer to maintain a heavy, year-long licensing expense. Some cloud-based contact centers allow for a standard monthly recurring contact of X number of users, while also providing a provision for seasonal demands. In such a case, the customer is billed monthly for a set agreement amount, and during the peak season, the customer sees an additional expense for those users above and beyond the stated monthly contract.

This provides a very attractive way for clients to meet their demands while saving on costs throughout the year.

It’s not just the customer who benefits with a cloud solution, however. The contact center itself benefits, too. Aside from the obvious benefit of being able to offer a more attractive service and price to win more clients, contact centers can also scale their staff up and down at will. If a sudden influx of new agents is needed, they can be equipped automatically and for very little upfront costs. Conversely, if staff move on or there is a sudden need to shrink the workforce, this can be achieved instantly with cost savings initiated immediately.

With a cloud-based solution, contact centers get the flexibility they, their clients and their customers need.

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