Chris Sheehan: Inflow’s Core Value Hero for July 2018

Chris Sheehan: Inflow’s Core Value Hero for July 2018

By Brendan Polk, Director of Marketing


Meet Chris Sheehan, Inflow’s Core Value Hero for July 2018!

Chris is one of our Project Success Managers and has become a huge staple to our company and culture. As the head of Inflow’s Culture Club, the fun always starts with Chris Sheehan. Although, it’s not all fun and games – Chris is an exceptional Project Manager who always makes sure we are on time and projects are running smoothly. Congratulations Chris, thanks for being such a big part of the Inflow family!

Check Out What Chris’s Co-Workers Had to Say

“Chris has done such an awesome job at helping navigate our clients to Connect. While also being a big part of the Culture Committee. He also had a great attitude all around.”

“Chris Sheehan works so hard to make sure everyone (Inflow Staff and Customers) is in tune with all things Connect Upgrade. He has been instrumental in making sure the Engineering team is monitoring current requests and determining best customers to work with, during this unfortunate upgrade situation. When he hears of a new customer considering a 14.2 to Connect upgrade, he proactively finds out what type of switches and informing them of the pros and cons of current upgrade status. Chris reflects our Core Values 100%”

Our Core Values

  • Go Above & Beyond, Then Go Further

  • Think Big, Dream It, Do It

  • Work Hard, Play Hard

  • Create Unforgettable Experiences

  • Integrity, Accountability, & Appreciation Lead Us to Greatness

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