Marc Lozano: Inflow’s Core Value Hero for June 2018

Marc Lozano: Inflow’s Core Value Hero for June 2018

By Brendan Polk, Director of Marketing


Meet Marc Lozano, Inflow’s Core Value Hero for June 2018!

Marc is one of our technical support analysts that has quickly become a huge contributor to our company and culture. He’s a hard worker that is always willing to roll up his sleeves to give excellent support to our customers. As one of our newer support team members, Marc has fit right in here at Inflow. We’re glad to have you Marc!

Check Out What Marc’s Co-Workers Had to Say

“I’d like to submit Marc as core value hero for his consistent hard work and dedication in helping our customers. He came in hitting the ground running and hasn’t stopped since! The chicken he brought to the last meeting also helped with being a deciding factor!”

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