Meet Brad: Inflow’s Employee of the Year for 2017!

Meet Brad: Inflow’s Employee of the Year for 2017!

By Travis Dillard, President & CEO


Meet Brad Monroe, Inflow’s Employee of the Year for 2017! Brad is an essential part of our team who lives and breathes our core values. His vast industry and product knowledge are invaluable to employees across the board from sales to support. Brad spent 2017 as one of our senior project engineers but will be transitioning into an instructional design position for 2018 to extend his knowledge to new hires. Brad is a delight to work with, and always lends a friendly hand to co-workers. Way to go!

“Brad is always willing to help out in any situation. Whether it’s an internal issue or something customer facing you can count on Brad getting it done. His deep knowledge of the different platforms we use far surpasses job expectations and he does a great job of teaching others without just handing them the needed information.”

– Jodi Simmons, Vice President of Operations

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