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Straight Talk with Lincoln Harris

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What is Straight Talk Series?

At Inflow, we’re always trying to set the bar higher for ourselves. That’s why we’ve developed a questionnaire to review with our customers – to make sure we are going above and beyond for them. We already have our live and unfiltered customer happiness metrics on our website but we thought, why not share these more in-depth views of what it’s like to work with Inflow? The Inflow performance review series will give you exactly that – find out what it’s like to work with us, straight from the horse’s mouth. 

About Lincoln Harris

Lincoln Harris, together with Lincoln Property Company, provides clients with a national platform and unparalleled institutional resources including over 5,000 employees in 52 offices across 26 states.


What were the major reasons you were looking for a new company to support your ShoreTel system?

Our vendor wasn’t into the whole SIP integration support. They were kind of new at that and we were trying to migrate over to SIP from our Legacy T1s that we had on PRI.

They had their own resource limitations because they wore multi‑hats and weren’t dedicated to ShoreTel solutions. We just didn’t get the full attention that we were really wanting so we started looking for different options. We have a couple companies that are headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Our clientele that we have is a driving force where we wanted to make sure we had people that are dedicated and readily available for the most part on the ShoreTel setup and everything that goes with it.

I had some concerns reaching out to the far West Coast for Inflow but the training, some of the webinars they have and just the general support knowledge base and other things, triggered some thoughts.

We had a particular problem that we were running into and it was a good segue into just testing the skill set for the engineering.

So I got on a call originally with a few of the engineers collectively to go through some of the outstanding concerns that we had with our current partner and some of the problems that we’re encountering and everything went really well with that, so we went ahead and pushed forward on it.

How did you learn about Inflow Communications?

We had used them before, for things like, support articles and white papers and things like that and some of the training, some of the videos that we’ve seen out there, and that was the reason.

Just basic search engines, comparing, you know platinum partners out there and for ShoreTel owners. You know, there is the one local to Charlotte but, they just didn’t seem like they were the right fit for us.

How has support been with Inflow not being local?

We’re virtualized, so that helped with the matter because there’s not as much hardware to deal with these days and so that was part of the reason that we went ahead and looked past the local region.

Everything’s been great with it. We’ve had a few things that have come about where we’ve had to get support more engaged with some problems that typically we have had in the past.

Since moving your ShoreTel support to Inflow, what major fixes or enhancements have they helped you make?

We’ve got one thing right now with our call center metrics that get into the BrightMetrics solution, and we’ve had some hiccups with that. But so far, it’s stable. It’s been running consistently so hopefully it’ll stay that way.

We had something that was kinda more critical in the past. The mobility was a new rollout and we had some settings that were in the ShoreTel environment from back in the day that were misconfigured or configured for a piloting thing with SIP.

Have you learned anything new about your system?

We did the conference bridge and the mobility, probably since we had our last partner.

Inflow has the capability to run the back‑ups and we did have a switch failure, where the fan was starting to act up. And Inflow got notifications, automatically created a ticket and reached out to the customer and myself. That was really good cause, we weren’t getting that with our previous partner.

We ended up getting a switched replaced. And Inflow introduced BrightMetrics to us which we had researched in the past, but never moved to.

To follow‑up to your comment earlier about the proactive monitoring on that fan. We have a proactive monitor and watch some certain event filters on the ShoreTel system and I’ve alerted us on that fan. What would have happened if that fan would’ve crashed?

If it were a hardware failure, then it would just be that site that would be down. If it were one of our bigger sites, obviously, it would be more concerning. It’s still regional to us, and we have some spare equipment, so it wouldn’t have been a major event for us, but proactive is always good. Inflow definitely has been doing well.

Anything else that you can think from our support side of things that maybe we can improve upon?

Nothing really stands out. The ordering and the quoting processes are exceptional through the ticketing system, and through emails out and getting response times on all that has been well improved.

We’re not a huge company — we only average around 2,000 calls a day. It’s not substantial, but it’s still important, those calls. The criticality of those calls is what really stands out more than physics. It’s quite a bit of calling from our executive layer in our company.

You know, we haven’t had any outages since we’ve come on‑board with the ShoreTel environment. And if we’ve had them, they’ve only been minutes on end.

So, I’ve been able to get more complex by adding all the different layers with contact center, and the mobility, the conferencing, and other things.

How Inflow can improve or what we’re doing great at?

Yeah, I can’t think of anything but everything’s great with what’s currently in place.

Inflow is #1 Shoretel Support Provider in the Nation

If you’re looking for some accurate, user reviews of what it’s like working with Inflow, then keep up with our series as we talk with more clients in the coming blog posts.

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