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Straight Talk with Westech

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What is Straight Talk Series?

At Inflow, we’re always trying to set the bar higher for ourselves. That’s why we’ve developed a questionnaire to review with our customers – to make sure we are going above and beyond for them. We already have our live and unfiltered customer happiness metrics on our website but we thought, why not share these more in-depth views of what it’s like to work with Inflow? The Inflow performance review series will give you exactly that – find out what it’s like to work with us, straight from the horse’s mouth. 

About Westech

WesTech engineers and manufactures process equipment to provide solutions for customers in the industrial, mineral, municipal water, and municipal wastewater industries. Leaders in process expertise, WesTech designs and builds systems for seamless integration into our customers’ specifications.


How did you learn about Inflow Communications?

By just doing research and talking with different people and different companies about their experience and talking with you and others about what they said they could offer overall, Inflow seemed to have the highest rated service.

And at least before we actually made the switch, we got the most response in getting questions answered and information that we needed. We saw that as a good representation of what we could expect on the support side and, so far, have not been disappointed. It’s been, been just fine and really good.

What were the major reasons you were looking for a new company to support your ShoreTel system?


Well, so, when I first started at WesTech‑‑ I’ve been here 10, a little over 10 years ‑‑ we worked with another company. And we had a particular tech that would do a lot of the work with us locally.

We had a tech here as well, that worked closely with him. And the relationship was decent. We got most of the things done we needed taken care of.

Over time, once that particular tech was no longer at the company anymore, we started working with different people. And, it eventually just fizzled to where there really wasn’t a whole lot of good support coming from there, at all.

They recognized that, picked up another local company. I think they were local. I think they were just here in the Valley. And so tried to go that route, and it seemed like, maybe at first, for a little bit, there was a little bit more emphasis but that even fizzled, over time.

So then we started shopping around again. I mean we had some other local sales people we talked with and that’s what led to using the last vendor we had. But I think that you know why the change to Inflow.

It’s about responsiveness for us. And that was one of the big things that made a difference.

The other thing was the technical capability. So obviously responsiveness is great. If it comes without the technical knowledge and and the ability to put together a real plan then it’s not really worth as much.

So that’s really where we felt that Inflow was a good fit. We’re often looking for a partner that’s going to be able to bring us the technical ability and experience, when we need it.

We don’t need someone that’s our full support for everything. That seemed to fit, and feel like a really a good fit with Inflow.

So, once that all happened, I was very impressed with the interest in making sure we get up and going they way we needed to, and that everything, squared away for what WesTech was in need of, specifically.

And, it all was a very smooth transition and went very well. No complaints from my perspective.

Were there any major issues that you had going on with your support before moving to Inflow that Inflow was able to resolve for you?

I wouldn’t say anything major. We installed a couple little things that needed to happen, but it’s on hold because of things we need to make happen, as opposed to you guys.

Every time that I’ve reached out with a ticket open or a question, response is quick. It’s been helpful. If the person that I’m communicating with didn’t know the answer, they had no problem saying, “I’ll have to get back to you,” and then finding the answer and coming back fairly quickly with answers.

We do have some fairly large projects coming up. Not sure exactly of the time frame, but, we are looking forward to having the support that we need from Inflow on that.

It’s interesting that when we added ShoreTel in our Gurnee, Illinois office, our old vendor’s primary technical contact through that process was very helpful, very sharp. And then he ended up leaving, and going to another company, and was no longer on the front line of helping with issues. So I was kind of sad to see him go, a very valuable person.

So when the lack of response was a concern, it wasn’t anything to do with him. It was specifically how our old vendor was organizing things, and had the individuals that they had, or the lack of the number of people available that caused that lack of response.

How has Inflow support been despite not having a local office to your area?

The response has been very satisfactory, either with email return or with a phone call, when necessary. So no complaints there. Everything’s been very good.

How does Inflow compare to your other technology vendors?

From my perspective, being mainly involved in the network and security side of things, we use Palo Alto firewalls and the support from Palo Alto has always been very good. We use HP switches, and when I’ve needed to call HP directly, the response has been pretty good ‑‑ not as good as, say, Palo Alto or Inflow.

We still have a network guy at a former vendor that we engage occasionally that we’re very pleased with. He’s been out on‑site or on the phone doing remote, or answering questions and been very helpful. Because of how busy he is, he’s difficult to get a hold of, and the response is sometimes less than what it needs to be.

But, when he does engage with us, then he’s been very good. So, I would say Inflow, in general, from my perspective, it’s been very good.

Anything, in general that some of the Salt Lake City people might appreciate how you’ve worked with Inflow, even though we don’t have a local tech?

Coming out and talking with us in the planning stages, and going through the process, and also their involvement in some training ‑‑ very knowledgeable.

Everything so far, the idea of remote support has not been a concern. If I were say a smaller shop that needed more hand‑holding, that might be an issue with somebody, just really wanted to have something come out and hands‑on do things. But that’s not been a concern with us at all.

Inflow is #1 Shoretel Support Provider in the Nation

If you’re looking for honest and accurate user reviews of what it’s like working with Inflow, then keep up with our series as we talk to more clients in the coming blog posts.

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