PureCloud by GENESYS Webinar Recap – Enterprise Contact Center Webinar Series

Webinar Recap – PureCloud by GENESYS

Enterprise Contact Center Webinar Series

By Chris Recio, Director of Contact Center and Advanced Applications

We host a lot of webinars, because we can’t stop sharing every nugget and gotcha we’ve picked up with new products, new UC strategies and new developments. And our latest series that focuses on PureCloud by GENESYS is no different. We hosted a webinar on this product recently which covered a full product overview, a live product tour and a product demo, including everything from phone calls, email, web chat, social media, management and supervisor tools and reporting and as with most of our webinars, a Q&A portion. With this webinar lasting about an hour, we’ve distilled the first portion of the webinar – a product overview in 6 slices. Let’s dive in.

  1. Platform

PureCloud by Genesys is an all-in-one enterprise communication platform – it can also fit the bill for contact center and unified communications. It has a lot of options, which is something we’re all looking for today. What are some other top benefits?

  • 100% Browser-based application
  • Work from anywhere
  • Work with most any device
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Resilient micro-service architecture (i.e. it’s not hardware dependent – it’s all in the cloud.)
  • Enterprise-grade security built-in
  • Nimble API – continuous innovation
  • Designed for self-administration
  1. Architecture

PureCloud by Genesys was built with Amazon web services – not on Amazon web services. It used the programming technology with Amazon to develop its platform.

Now for a little comparison – what did cloud web architecture look like 3-5 years ago as compared to now?

Digging a little deeper, here’s a good visual for MicroServices. Today, MicroServices are individual components that do particular job. The problem with the scenario on the left is that when there is an issue in one area, it affects everything. Now, with MicroServices, you can attack the problem at its source. Because each MicroService runs one process, if one fails, you don’t have to fix everything – just the one problem area.

This is one aspect of improved architecture but there are other benefits as well:

  • Self-replicating
  • Self-healing
  • Auto scaling
  • No dependencies
  • Operates across regions
  • Operates across zones within regions
  • Rapid development and deployment
  1. Telephony – your phone lines and how you connect to systems

Meet the Telephony Edge Server which allows you to maintain all your dial tone locally and still interconnects to PureCloud. It can be virtual or it can be a physical device. Most users choose to host it in the cloud. It also allows you to connect with other PBX environments.

  1. The Platform

Here’s a quick snapshot comparing PureCloud Communicate and PureCloud Contact Center:

There are a few different offerings when it comes to bundles – here’s an overview.

Most folks opt for PureCloud II or III and we rarely see organizations going for PureCloud I. (Note: SMS/Texting is a deliverable but that is the pathway coming soon!)

  1. Integrations

In Contact Center, integrations are something that most people need to consider. For CRM connectivity is a critical piece, and for gaining access to CRMs, PureCloud offers the Data Bridge Server. The data bridge server can either be in the cloud or a physical component onsite. But the key advantage? The Data Bridge server is the secured gateway from the PureCloud to communicate with your application. Healthcare and financial clients take note – security is completely maintained at a local level that you control.


5.5. APIs, WebHooks and Development

Let’s take a little slant and look at APIs, Development and Integrations. APIs and WebHooks are critical because many environments today use other web-based applications such as a payroll portal or HR portal. The advantage with the WebHooks and the open API in PureCloud is that you can have those applications communicating with your PureCloud application in real-time. Put simply, WebHooks allow PureCloud to communicate with your other web-based applications and more. Here’s an example of the full solution and how you may envision it.

  1. Agent Desktop Scripting

This piece is what makes me the most excited about Contact Center. When you think of the contact center and the number of data points and applications that agents have to juggle during the conversation – whether that conversation is email chat or phone call – this element will pay for itself. It is a web-based application built into PureCloud that allows you to build a drag-and-drop screen pop – and inside the screen pop your other applications can reside. So I can customize a desktop screen pop, and it will have data about my incoming customer, whether it comes from a web chat, social media, or some other communication medium. But it allows me to consolidate applications from our agent, and it also allows me to create a workflow process. This is commonly referred to as desktop scripting and if you’ve been in contact center for a while, scripting often means different things to different people. Scripting can be the verbiage the agent is required to say during the conversation, but you can also use it to navigate the agent to probable information AND to control what the agent has access to.

We covered this and much more in our webinar – make sure you get the full story by signing up for our product review webinars. We host live demos, answer questions, and offer up all the key insights and gotchas that will give you the ultimate guide to any product, solution of UC solution you’re considering. Make sure to follow along on our blog posts and check our webinar page frequently for the latest news.

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