Upgrading to ShoreTel Connect August Webinar Recap – What You Need to Know Before Upgrading

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Are you considering upgrading to ShoreTel Connect? Must Read!

By Chris Mitchel, Vice President of Solution Architecture

At Inflow, we host several webinars and some of our most extensive ones are our ShoreTel Admin training. In them, you’ll find a slew of information for day-to-day use of ShoreTel systems. We go through various scenarios and review common hiccups and ways to troubleshoot.

And one of the most common questions we get revolves around ShoreTel Connect. We’ve compiled several resources on this topic and as it’s an ever-evolving platform, we continue to host webinars cover recent updates, added features and what you need to know before you make the upgrade.

ShoreTel Connect is the newest version of ShoreTel’s on-premise and cloud solutions and is essentially a version 15 for on-premise customers. Many wonder why it’s been rebranded as ShoreTel Connect and there’s a few reasons. One is that it’s a massive software update. Another is that it unifies the look and feel for both ShoreTel’s on-premise and cloud solutions.

ShoreTel Connect

Now down to the recent updates, added features and news.

  • End of development is slated for 14.2 slated for June 30, 2018.
  • For licensing: Mobility and Skype for Business integration is included in the Essentials Bundle (for v13/14 customers: after Connect upgrade the license cost is $40/user for Essentials Bundle).
  • Emoji support in IM
  • New Mobility client
    • Available for Mobility 8.1 or 9 (can be on Connect or v14.2)
    • UI updated but still not fully featured
  • G Suite Chrome integration
  • Chrome web dialer
  • VMware 6.5 support
  • Windows Server 2016 support
ShoreTel connect mobility

With all these updates, there are a few things to note and things we’ve learned in integrating these new updates – below you’ll find what you need before you get the upgrade.

  • Active Directory must be disabled before upgrade and re-enabled after upgrade (if not, it causes database issues after upgrade)
  • Edge Gateway (used for remote phone, client, Mobility and conferencing). But note well, there are no self-signed certificates! So wildcard certificate is highly recommended.
  • Due to the database schema changes, it may affect any customized ShoreTel reports. That said, Brightmetrics reporting is not affected – they’ve already made their schema changes.
  • ECC Agent/Supervisor usernames must match PBX client username (If an Agent ID is set to Extension number, it needs to be changed before the upgrade).
  • For client setup – Connect requires stronger passwords so users will be required to setup a stronger password on first use, (8-character minimum, 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase and 1 number are the new password requirements).
  • For the upgrade process there are a few things to look out for:
    • Due to the size of the upgrade and MySQL database sizes, additional CPU resources may be needed to ensure the upgrade takes less than 6 hours
      • To decrease times, add as many CPUs as possible if servers are virtualized
    • System requires 100GB of available HD space (at a minimum)
    • It’s common to run repairs after the upgrade so plan on a time buffer for this.
    • Connect upgrade includes server updates, switch firmware updates, phone firmware updates and testing. To reduce time, install all windows updates during the day, but don’t reboot the server until the maintenance window starts.
ShoreTel chrome extension

We will continue offering our ShoreTel Connect updates as things continue to roll out and will be offering webinars for further education and knowledge sharing as well. Make sure to sign up for the webinars – it’s a great opportunity to ask a question to a live expert!

We Have a Slew of Other Insightful Webinars

We frequently host complimentary webinars that show in real-time how to configure ShoreTel systems and go through various best-practice scenarios.


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