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Straight Talk with Hexagon

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What is Straight Talk Series?

At Inflow, we’re always trying to set the bar higher for ourselves. That’s why we’ve developed a questionnaire to review with our customers – to make sure we are going above and beyond for them. We already have our live and unfiltered customer happiness metrics on our website but we thought, why not share these more in-depth views of what it’s like to work with Inflow? The Inflow performance review series will give you exactly that – find out what it’s like to work with us, straight from the horse’s mouth. 

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Hexagon is a leading global provider of information technology solutions that drive productivity and quality across geospatial and industrial landscapes. They are an established leader in information technologies and have a global reach.


What were the major reasons you were looking for a new company to support your ShoreTel system?

Our prior support was problematic. We were actively looking for almost any other solution. You guys have done a good job with us. You have always been very responsible. Of all the people I have support with, chasing things to the end of the line, working the hardest, I think you guys work the hardest. It’s really good – I really appreciate what you guys have done for us so far – it’s a good relationship – definitely even better than I expected from the get-go.

And you guys are using a ticketing system too and I see so many companies don’t even bother using a ticketing system or if they do, they’re using it part way. Your folks are really using it and documenting things in the ticket. I see evidence of process as well from your team. Like when we asked for the upgrade, they actually have a way of doing it – it’s not a new way every single time but it’s done through a checklist. So I see evidence of quality in what you guys do.

Our previous vendor – if we tried to get any information out of them it was like literally pulling teeth. It was difficult. If we wanted support, it seemed like there were only one or two people that did support. One of the people knew absolutely nothing and the other one was a super expert. So it forced us to always want the super expert and that person was never available so it became a real issue.

How did you learn about Inflow Communications?

I think I just went on the web and researched. Your website was pretty intent on showing that you guys were responsive and pretty intent the quality of support. I could sense that just by the way the website was put together.

Since moving your ShoreTel support to Inflow, what major fixes or enhancements have they helped you make?

We haven’t had that need. My needs are generally, keep this running, keep me advised as to what technologies are out there, and a couple add-ons here and there for our ShoreTel system.

We recently did an upgrade and it wasn’t small – I think it was handled quite professionally. We did have a couple ShoreTel devices that decided they wouldn’t reboot, or come up, or upgrade their firmware. We’re still dealing with one actually but the issue is mostly us and I blame it on ShoreTel because the device just will not configure at our remote site. I don’t think your tech team can do anything more. We’re getting it shipped back to our headquarters and try to re-brain it here and ship it back to the remote site.

Now that you’ve been with Inflow for a while, what are the main positive or negative Inflow attributes that stand out?

No bad experiences – I can’t think of a single bad experience or issue that we’ve had. Nope. I think of the good experiences – it probably wouldn’t be fair to name your support staff because I think every single one of them have been professional and good with us. Everyone we’ve dealt with has been professional.

How has Inflow support been despite not having a local office to your area?

My folks can handle the physical parts for us – so remote has never been an issue for us. Phone systems are heading to more and more remote capabilities not less. It’s definitely not an issue for me and probably less of an issue for many, many people.

What are some business impacts that have helped your business?

I would say for sure, our users still depend on the phones a lot and of course phones are changing now as you guys know. In some ways, it’s just like everything you fix –it’s expected to work and when it doesn’t, that’s the only time people care. So if I can get them where they are not caring about the phone system that’s actually the right place to be (laughs) because if they’re caring, it’s because it’s not working and when they’re not caring, it means it’s just part of the daily fabric of what they do. The difference you make is that I don’t worry as much about having an issue with phones. I know they’re going to work and I know if we’re going to have a problem, in general you’re going to fix them, in my opinion faster than anyone I’ve dealt with before. I worry less and that makes decision-making easy for me.

How does Inflow compare to your other technology vendors?

Across all my vendors I would say you’re right up there. I can’t think of someone immediately that are better than you – I can think of plenty that are worse or not as good – but I can’t think of anyone better. So you’re at the top of my selection. That being said, everyone can always do better. I think for some of my issues, I do have one weird issue that you guys tried to help with – couldn’t fix, I think it’s a ShoreTel issue, maybe getting their (ShoreTel) engineers involved and more direct and grabbing at the problem and trying to wrangle it in and fix it without depending on me so much, but actually dialing into you guys could dive into it further.

If you’re looking for some accurate, user reviews of what it’s like working with Inflow, then keep up with our series as we talk with more clients in the coming blog posts.

Inflow is #1 Shoretel Support Provider in the Nation

If you’re looking for some accurate, user reviews of what it’s like working with Inflow, then keep up with our series as we talk with more clients in the coming blog posts.

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