Why Inflow was Nominated as Portland’s 100 Fastest Growing Companies

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Why Inflow was Nominated as Portland’s 100 Fastest Growing Companies

By Travis Dillard, President & CEO


It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year since we were nominated for Portland Business Journal’s Top 100. It’s our fourth consecutive year earning this prestigious nomination and we couldn’t be happier. Being happy to win accolades for working so hard is one thing, but another great thing about the PBJ100 awards ceremony is it gives us a chance to review our hard work, where we’ve come from and where we are headed.

I would attribute a company’s solid growth to two simple but powerful factors:


Learning from Amazon

customer service

I once heard founder and CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos saying that Amazon is different because everyone at Amazon is obsessed over customers. I like to think at Inflow, we’re obsessed too. Afterall, the products and systems we implement are intended to help the customer experience! From the beginning, we’ve been relentless in our focus on customer service. We even share the results of our customer service live and unfiltered on our website, which goes to show you we are more than just talk. We walk the walk. Check out our Live Happiness Metrics to see for yourself.

Sense of Purpuse Matters

5 core values

The second factor is our dedication to our core values. Our core values are truly integrated into our company’s operations. Simply put, our values are integral to the work we do and how we work together as a team. It may be a short list, but it’s our secret sauce. It’s what makes us thrive, what makes us succeed and what makes us happy to get to work every day. Here is Inflow’s 5 Core Values:

Go above and beyond, then go further. We are crazy about service. And we can do that because we’re laser focused on our craft.

Thing big. Dream it, do it. We never put ourselves in a box. Every employee, whether in sales, support, on a project team or in accounting, focuses on the Inflow X factor, speed and a heart for service

Work hard, play hard. We respond quickly, resolve quickly, and we communicate with urgency. But work life balance is very important to us at Inflow. And when we’re not relentlessly pushing the envelope in service and speed, we have a good time outside of the office too.

Create unforgettable experiences at every interaction.

What our customers really want is for us to be able to respond quickly, communicate with a sense of urgency and resolve rapidly. We are able to do this because of our team – we have full-time project engineers, project managers, trainers and support staff who work with our customers on their unified communications and contact center solutions every single day. We have one of the strongest support organizations in the nation.

Integrity, accountability and appreciation lead us to greatness.

We stay absolutely true to our craft at unified communications and contact center, that means we start every single meeting appreciating another teammate. That means that up to 10 percent of every single Inflow employee’s compensation is tied to customer satisfaction and speed.

Leaders around the world understand the importance of Core Values when creating alignment within their organization, but the problem is that creating, implementing and investing in employee adoption for these core values, can sometimes be an overwhelming effort. I encourage leaders to believe that this is a rewarding step. After all, Inflow Communications is a live case study on this subject.

Click here to find out more about the Portland Business Journal event #PBJ100 and view the list of nominees. We are lucky to share this list with. We hear this year’s theme is a jungle theme which is fitting as we celebrate yet another wildly successful year!

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