Part 2 – 5 golden Nuggets to Improve your ShoreTel Contact Center

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 5 Golden Nuggets to Improve your ShoreTel Contact Center – Part 2

By Chris Recio, Director of Contact Center and Advanced Applications


This is a second installment of our 2-part Golden Nuggets Series – if you missed last week’s post, make to check it out here to get the full scoop on the first two golden Nuggets:



To recap a little from last week, while there may be no one size fits all, these 5 golden nuggets are some straightforward essentials for every contact center that are well worth considering, no matter what product you’re using for your operation.

To recap a little from last week, while there may be no one size fits all, these 5 golden nuggets are some straightforward essentials for every contact center that are well worth considering, no matter what product you’re using for your operation.


Golden Nugget 3


One key foundation of every contact center operation is the need for a screen pop. With the focus on customer service and client satisfaction, finding ways to automate and streamline the Agent experience is an often-overlooked process. Dare I say, this is absolutely a key ingredient affecting Agent morale. While today many contact centers require Agents to access many applications in handling a client inquiry, I find that a multitude of applications at the desktop means that the Agent must focus on managing and manipulating applications rather than focusing on the customer.

Finding ways to automate and streamline processes for the Agent can provide a higher level of customer service and satisfaction. This also has the added benefit of improving Agent morale.

ShoreTel ECC and Connect Contact Center have done a fantastic job at simplifying the screen pop process. With the added benefit of an ODBC interface, combined with an IVR process with access to data and the ability to push this data to an Agent desktop, ECC and Connect Contact Center provides the ease clients look for in a contact center solution.

With ECC, the screen pop process is handled through a file process and has always been easy to configure. With Connect Contact Center, ShoreTel has enhanced the screen pop process by moving the screen pop configurable options into the Contact Center Director interface removing the reliance upon an external file. Adding to that, the screen pop process has been improved with the ability to stack the screen pop with logic in mind.

What does that mean? It means you can configure a tiered screen pop process with logic. If the first screen pop produces no result, then the second screen pop will be initiated. If the first two screen pop options produce no result, then the third screen pop will be initiated, and so on.

Golden Nugget 4


Anyone that has worked in or around a contact center readily understands that reporting is absolutely critical for assessing the efficiency of the contact center operation. Aside from the regular performance metrics in most all contact centers, i.e., Service Level, Abandonment Rate, Group Performance, Agent Performance, etc., the often forgotten piece of data is the very valuable IVR and Variable data reporting.

As we move into 2018, we have seen the need to report on what is happening in the “unseen” aspects of the contact center operation – namely: IVR. This is due in large part to the increased reliance upon and deployment of self-service options.

With client use of self-service portals on the rise, another important aspect of reporting is the IVR performance and/or ability to uncover IVR inefficiencies, along with other reporting data that is often beneficial for analysis. This is often a blind spot for many solutions.

Today, contact centers want insight into the IVR process and the customer experience,

    • IVR Service Level
    • IVR Adoption Rate
    • Real-Time Survey Results
    • Option Tracking
    • Compliance Reporting, and more.

The above data points are the starting point for most needs. However, having access to data always broadens the thought process and the need for more data. Having a nimble IVR process with the ability to create reportable data metrics is becoming a critical aspect of the customer service and satisfaction game.

With the increased demand for excellent customer service comes the increased demand for more analytics and reporting. This is creating a demand on IVR reporting accessibility and is often lost in the contact center solution offering.

ShoreTel ECC and Connect Contact Center have done an exceptional job in providing a platform for extending IVR data accessibility. One of the best features of the ShoreTel IVR process is its data simplicity and its process of deployment, capture, and reporting options.

Golden Nugget 5


While best practices can be applied to most any feature and option available, having the key pillars mentioned above (and last week) are must-haves for any contact center of today. With the increased emphasis on customer service and customer satisfaction, having a contact center solution that provides these best practice pillars gives any contact center operation a great opportunity for improving their operations.

When I evaluate contact center solutions, I always lean on these key points:

    • Access to data – ODBC or otherwise. The methods in gaining access must be easy and nimble, without the need for extensive Professional Services engagement. This process should be easy and self-service.
    • IVR Access to Data – the process should be easily configured and nimble for easy deployment, without the need for extensive technical Professional Services engagement. Clients are looking for self-help options with ease.
    • Screen Pop Application Integration – the process should be out-of-the-box functionality without the need for Professional Service engagement. Ideally, this process should incorporate the use of data gathered via IVR or any database connection. With the growing number of applications agents must use, automating and streamlining agent processes needs to be at the forefront of any operation.
    • IVR Reporting – with the increasing reliance upon self-service, the ability to report IVR service and data is essential to removing this often hidden, service blind spot.

In a nut shell, vendors should be extremely selective about the choice of contact center solutions we place in front of our customers. The solution must include these contact center best practice pillars. The solution must be flexible and require minimal professional services for deployment. And most importantly, the solution must be nimble and easy to use and maintain by our customers.

In addition to being selective about which contact center solutions to offer, vendors and support consultants should also spend a great deal of time working with clients at deeper levels in their contact center operation. This is why we launched an entire program just for that, the CCSM (Contact Center Success Manager) program. Make sure your vendor and supporting consultant is covering the basics for you.

Contact Center operation involves more than software and technology.

For our major healthcare client, the summation of a great communications platform, a national-leading ShoreTel provider, and a forward thinking, strategic customer resulted in a true success story. Fond out more about our Contact Center Success Management Program.

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