PureCloud Competitive Advantages: Part II

If you follow Interactive Intelligence, you’re probably familiar with their most recent white paper discussing PureCloud’s Competitive Advantages. In the technical white paper, CEO Don Brown describes the 24 top competitive advantages of PureCloud.

Last week we discussed the first eight topics discussed in the whitepaper. Today, we’ll cover the next eight competitive advantages of PureCloud.

9 | Enterprise-Grade Security

One of the big knocks against cloud applications is the possibility of security breaches. While nothing is perfect, we’ve gone to extraordinary lengths to make PureCloud secure. We benefit from our use of AWS which gives us data centers that are already certified for SSAE-16, PCI, HIPAA, FEDRAMP, SOC, and many others. Of course, we encrypt all the traffic between the cloud and your organization. But that’s just the beginning. Most other cloud vendors concentrate on keeping intruders out but have little protection if they get in. We go so far as to encrypt all the traffic inside the cloud. We also encrypt all our data at rest. This is what allows us to pass stringent certifications like HIPAA unlike our competitors. We also do constant automated intrusion detection as well as periodic certification tests using well-known companies such as Trustwave.

10 | Flexible Communications Options

You can think of PureCloud as a cake with three layers. At the base is a delicious foundation of modern enterprise collabo- ration capabilities – rich organizational directory, chat rooms, instant messaging, video conferencing, and full mobile device support. Next is a layer of classic enterprise communications with full IP PBX, voice mail, conferencing, and fax capabilities. And topping it all off is the sweetest set of customer engagement functionality on the market (more on this below). One great aspect of PureCloud is that you can have the whole cake or just pick the layers you want. For example, you can use PureCloud’s customer engagement capabilities in conjunction with your existing enterprise collaboration tools (e.g. Microsoft Lync, Skype for Business, etc.) and with your current IP PBX (e.g. Cisco Call Manager, Avaya PBX, Microsoft Lync, etc.). Or you can use PureCloud for the whole solution – from enterprise collaboration to corporate communications to customer engagement.

11 | Optional Telco Voice Services

PureCloud is one of the few cloud communications services that gives you the option of managing your own telco relation- ship with local trunks coming into your locations or leaving the telco work to us. PureCloud Voice is a set of advanced telco services that can provide toll-free numbers, DID numbers, in- bound and outbound circuits, and other telecommunications services that can be provisioned right from our web site. And PureCloud Voice has connections to multiple carriers, so we can easily route around failures so that you’re not completely reliant on a single carrier. Our voice services are offered at competitive rates and are included in a single bill along with your application services.

12 | Complete Omnichannel Routing

Allowing customers to initiate interactions by phone, e-mail, and web chat is now table stakes for any customer engagement product. PureCloud provides that capability with almost no effort on your part. You can easily open all those channels of communication and then queue and route them by language, required skills, etc. Interactions of all types can be monitored in real time by supervisors, recorded for quality monitoring, and analyzed using whatever sort of business intelligence tools you like. PureCloud’s built-in document management can be used to create libraries of responses that can be generated automatically based on word-spotting or other semantic analysis. However, PureCloud’s omnichannel capabilities go behind these three traditional channels to include social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and soon various messaging apps including SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc.

13 | Advanced Multimodal Interactions

While omnichannel routing is great, it’s no longer enough. The communications world is evolving at a dizzying pace and customers are demanding even more. It’s no longer sufficient to allow your customers to choose one of a variety of interaction channels. Increasingly, they want to use several at the same time! We call these “multimodal interactions” because they might involve a phone call, a web chat, and a co-browsing session on your web site at the same time. PureCloud has these capabilities and more, including customer/agent video. With PureCloud you can keep up with rapidly changing customer expectations, using all these modern technologies to create extremely personal and engaging interaction opportunities.

14 | Outbound Interactions

PureCloud isn’t just for handling inbound calls and omnichannel interactions. It includes powerful outbound capabilities including preview dialing, progressive dialing, and predictive dialing. Web-based campaign management makes it easy to upload contact lists and to use them in a way that adheres to all applicable regulations. PureCloud includes support for do not call (DNC) lists and call-backs. Sophisticated call progress detection provides the industry’s most accurate answering machine and live speaker detection, with patented “finger- print” technology utilizing a database of thousands of tones and messages from telephone systems around the globe. PureCloud even allows for agentless dialing campaigns for emergency notifications, right party contact, and other applications.

15 | Quality Monitoring

PureCloud makes it easy to monitor the quality of the service your organization provides. It begins with stereo recording of calls so agent and customer audio are maintained in separate channels. What’s more, PureCloud records e-mails, web chats, and other types of interactions, so you always have a complete picture of what transpired. PureCloud’s policy man- ager allows you to determine how long recordings of different types are kept – which can be several years if that’s what you need. And a built-in evaluation workflow allows you to create customized evaluation forms that supervisors can use to grade performance for feedback to agents.

16 | Graphical Scripting

PureCloud includes an intuitive script builder that allows you to create graphical scripts that can automatically be presented to agents on outbound or even inbound interactions. Scripts can incorporate information from databases or about the current customer in order to be completely personalized. And information collected during interactions can be used to update the underlying call lists and databases. The same graphical scripting interface is used to build evaluations for quality monitoring.

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Stay tuned for the third installment of this three-part series, or read the full whitepaper here.

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