PureCloud Competitive Advantages

If you follow Interactive Intelligence, you’re probably familiar with their most recent white paper discussing PureCloud’s Competitive Advantages. In the technical white paper, CEO Don Brown describes the 24 top competitive advantages of PureCloud. These advantages include micro-service architecture, remote survivability, omnichannel routing, real-time supervision and rich self-service facilities. Below, we’ll cover the first eight competitive advantages of PureCloud.

1 | Distributed Micro-Service Architecture

Many older cloud applications are monolithic under the covers. Even though they can serve multiple tenants, they’re built as a large set of highly interdependent components. A failure in one component can have devastating impact on another, resulting in service outages for many or even all tenants. The problems are often exacerbated by deployment in proprietary data centers with limited hardware. PureCloud takes a radically different approach. Instead of using a number of tightly coupled components, PureCloud divides its functionality up into hundreds of micro-services. Each micro-service is stateless and independently load-balanced. Furthermore, PureCloud is built on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and deployed in multiple regions around the globe.

This approach has the following benefits:

A failure in one micro-service has no impact on the other micro-services. For example, one micro-service might handle voice mail retrieval while another provides outbound faxing and yet another routes incoming customer calls. A problem in the voice mail retrieval micro-service cannot affect the other micro-services, greatly limiting the scope of potential problems.

Each micro-service can scale up to meet the current load independently of the others. Thus one tenant’s need to suddenly send a million faxes causes the associated micro-service to scale up to meet the demand without impact on other functionality or other tenants.

PureCloud isn’t limited by the constraints of the equipment in a proprietary data center. Just as Net ix can re- lease a new TV show without worrying about how many viewers will log in at any time, PureCloud micro-services can tap into the essentially limitless capacity of Amazon Web Services.

PureCloud can handle organizations of any size. It doesn’t matter whether your organization has 10 users or 100,000. The micro-service architecture allows PureCloud to efficiently handle any size organization – and for those organizations to grow their use of PureCloud with absolutely no effort.

PureCloud offers unparalleled reliability and disaster recovery. The entire PureCloud platform is deployed in multiple AWS regions. Each region consists of multiple independent Amazon data centers. This sort of distributed deployment provides the ultimate in geographic fault tolerance and disaster recovery.

Interactive Intelligence can update PureCloud on a continuous basis, fixing bugs almost instantly and adding new features at an incredible rate. The independence of micro-services allows Interactive Intelligence to push out bug fixes without fear of inadvertently breaking something else. What’s more, Interactive Intelligence can create micro-services for new functionality (e.g. web co-browsing) without impacting other services. Such updates can be done without taking down the entire platform – even while millions of customers are actively using the PureCloud services!

The PureCloud micro-service architecture combined with HTML 5.0 web interfaces and native mobile apps means that your organization can enjoy the simplicity of zero desktop footprint. No software has to be installed on desktop computers. Equip your entire contact center with Chromebooks and headsets if you like. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

2 | Remote Survivability

All the cloud reliability in the world doesn’t mean anything if your Internet connection is down. PureCloud gives you the option of installing a simple cloud-managed appliance on your network called the Edge. The Edge provides basic PBX, IVR, ACD, call recording, and other functionality even if your Inter- net connection goes out. It also allows voice traffic to stay on your network (no voice over the Internet) thus increasing security and providing pristine call quality. You can have as many Edges as you need at a given site and handle multiple sites located around the globe. Note that this is a deployment option that you can exercise as you like. If you prefer, everything including the telephone lines can be maintained in the cloud.

And these two deployment options (local telephony/local Edges or completely cloud-based) are available on a site-by-site basis. For example, use your own telco circuits and local Edges at headquarters while running completely from the cloud at your branch offices – it’s up to you.

3 | Secure Integration

One of the drawbacks of many cloud services is how little they can be integrated with the rest of your IT infrastructure. Many require your users to maintain separate passwords and to log in multiple times. Other cloud services can’t synchronize with your internal systems such as Active Directory and Exchange, which means that you have to separately create, delete, and administer your users as employees come and go. And frequently integration with CRMs such as Salesforce and Zen desk requires expensive customization and becomes a maintenance headache as your people struggle to keep up with new versions of these products. PureCloud solves these problems with a brilliant approach called the Bridge. The Bridge is a software appliance that can be installed on your network or in the cloud.

First, it uses certificate exchange and encrypted connections to pair with your organization. Next, it makes use of pre-built plug-ins for dozens of popular systems to synchronize and provide integration with Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, Dynamics, Workday, Salesforce, Zendesk, SAP, SQL Server, Oracle, and many others. This allows you to take advantage of all your critical IT infrastructure to reduce administration, keep employee information up to date, and put in- formation about your customers at the fingertips of every employee. And to top it all off, PureCloud provides single sign-on (SSO) capabilities so your employees don’t have to remember yet another password or log on to yet another application.

4 | Lightning-Fast Deployment

Another important advantage of PureCloud is how quickly it can be rolled out. We’ve been building market-leading communications and customer engagement solutions for over twenty years, so we’ve learned a few things about best practices. We built those best practices right into PureCloud, so you don’t have to. We believe that customization is evil, so we allow you to choose from a variety of tried and true approaches just by pointing and clicking. Whether you prefer skills-based routing, cherry-picking, or advanced bull’s-eye routing, we’ve got you covered. PureCloud includes easy-to-use policy managers for document management, recording retention, call handling, and many other critical aspects of corporate communications and customer engagement. We want your organization as a long-term subscriber to our services, not as an infinite source of professional services revenue. The combination of our easy sign-up, simple telco connectivity via the Edge, painless IT integration via the Bridge, zero client footprint web interface, and built-in best practices allows you to deploy PureCloud to your entire organization in a matter of hours. And this ease of deployment extends to changes in your organization, whether it’s adding a new remote location or integrating a whole new company you acquired. PureCloud makes it fast and easy. All PureCloud services are available over the Internet – no expensive MPLS connections are required.

5 | Simple and Flexible Subscription Terms

As much as we’ve done to make PureCloud a powerful technology, we’ve tried to make the business side just as disruptive. Other cloud vendors want to lock you into long-term contracts that are almost impossible to break. They try to slant the entire agreement in their favor. They also hide behind a complex pricing structure that allows them to nickel and dime you to death. We decided early on to take a different approach. We set our primary goal as eliminating every reasonable objection we could think of, trying to reduce the friction of the entire process. It’s in our interest because we don’t have to waste time negotiating over legal trivia and things that are likely to never happen. The approach we ended up with is this. Pay us for what you use each month. Use our services for as long as you like. Quit whenever you like. It’s that simple. We want to be the easiest company you’ll ever do business with. We’ll bank on the quality of the application services we provide and bet that you’ll be so impressed that we’ll continue to be partners for a long, long time. With this approach, the risk is on us, not you. things that are likely to never happen. The approach we ended up with is this. Pay us for what you use each month. Use our services for as long as you like. Quit whenever you like. It’s that simple. We want to be the easiest company you’ll ever do business with. We’ll bank on the quality of the application services we provide and bet that you’ll be so impressed that
we’ll continue to be partners for a long, long time. With this approach, the risk is on us, not you.

6 | Consumerized Interfaces

PureCloud features attractive, modern web and mobile inter- faces that have undergone extensive user experience design. This makes PureCloud as easy for your employees to learn and use as Facebook and other popular web apps. And with zero desktop footprint, all your employees need are up-to- date web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, and Edge.

7 | Location Independence

All your employees need in order to access PureCloud is an Internet connection and a web browser. This makes it easy to handle remote employees and work-at-home agents – no complex VPNs or expensive MPLS connections required. Disaster recovery planning becomes trivial. Your employees can work from anywhere, so your organization keeps on operating even in the face of natural or man-made disasters.

8 | Truly Global Capabilities

PureCloud’s architecture allows it to handle organizations with any number of sites situated around the globe. PureCloud is currently deployed in AWS regions in the U.S., Ireland, Australia, and very soon Japan. Over the course of the next year, PureCloud will be deployed in additional AWS regions such as Brazil, Germany, China, India, and Canada. This geographic distribution allows PureCloud to respect data sovereignty laws and meet the needs of the largest multinational organizations. In addition, PureCloud has been localized into twenty languages and offers built-in speech capabilities for English (North American, U.K., and Australian), French (Canadian and European), Spanish (North American, South American, and European), German, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, and Mandarin. Keyword spotting is available in additional languages such as Turkish, Polish, and soon Italian.

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Stay tuned for the second installment of this three-part series, or read the full whitepaper here.

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