PureCloud Competitive Advantages: Part III

If you follow Interactive Intelligence, you’re probably familiar with their most recent white paper discussing PureCloud’s Competitive Advantages. In the technical white paper, CEO Don Brown describes the 24 top competitive advantages of PureCloud.

Last week we discussed part one and two of the PureCloud whitepaper. Today, we’ll cover the last eight competitive advantages of PureCloud.

17 | Real-Time Supervision

PureCloud allows supervisors to understand the current state of operations at a glance and to automatically be alerted to unusual conditions. Supervisors can employ both a simple browser-based interface or a specialized iPad app that allows them to walk around the contact center floor and see what’s going on. PureCloud allows supervisors to monitor every customer/agent interaction whether it’s a phone call, e-mail, web chat, or something else. Supervisors can watch queue statistics in real time in order to verify adherence to SLAs and can set alerts as desired. Agents can use the built-in collaboration capabilities of PureCloud to ask questions and even share their desktops with supervisors for extra help. Interactive Intelligence is working on the use of artificial intelligence to create a “virtual supervisor” that can assist human supervisors in spot- ting potential problems before they become an issue.

18 | Powerful Workforce Optimization

With PureCloud, there’s no need to purchase an expensive third-party WFO suite. Agents can see their schedules right within the main browser interface. Supervisors can view the same information for all the agents in their charge and make changes with simple drag and drop operations. Short-term forecasting and automatic schedule generation that cover skills-based and omnichannel routing allow your contact centers to be run in the most efficient manner possible. In coming months, the PureCloud WFM features will be extended to include advanced functionality such as capacity planning, shift trading, shift bidding and much more.

19 | Unrivaled Data Analytics

With easy access to the essentially unlimited storage of AWS, we designed PureCloud to store just about everything that happens because that information can be extremely valuable if used correctly. So PureCloud not only logs every customer-related event (incoming/outgoing interaction, hold, transfer, conference, queue action, etc.) but also maintains an audit trail of every change made to your configuration along with who made it. PureCloud includes an incredible array of interactive, graphical visualizations that allow you to monitor your entire operation in real time. But that’s just the start. PureCloud uses Pentaho to allow for endless business intelligence analysis and even provides direct data access for use with the BI tools of your choice.

20 | Open REST-based API

PureCloud is built atop an extensive web API that allows you to easily access all the data and functionality of PureCloud within your own applications. Using this API, incorporate PureCloud functionality for collaboration, communications, and customer engagement in whatever web and mobile applications you like. This API also allows you to get at all your data and use whatever sorts of tools you prefer to slice and dice it.

21 | Our Own Cost-Effective Technology

Rather than license expensive technology from third parties – or force you to – we decided to build our own. This started years ago when we decided to build our own speech technology, which now means that PureCloud includes multi-lingual speech recognition and text-to-speech for free. We also built our own technology for voice recording, screen recording, workforce management, speech analytics, co-browsing, document management, and graphical scripting – just to name a few. This all means that we don’t have to pay a lot of licensing fees to third parties for these technologies. It also means that our application services are more integrated, easier to administer, and easier to use. What it all comes down to is that we can offer your organization an incredible array of functionality at a very reasonable price and yet maintain a good level of profitability for our continued growth. That’s the very essence of partnership.

22 | An Extensive Pipeline of New Capabilities

Interactive Intelligence has been among the leading innovators in communications technology for over 20 years. We invest heavily in research and development, and we’re not about to stop. PureCloud customers will see a steady stream of new features in coming months that range from mobile video to knowledge management. New cloud service options will include workflow, customer management, trouble ticketing, and community portals. All of these capabilities will be made avail- able without any need for painful upgrades, migrations, or other actions on the part of customers.

23 | Rich Self-Service Facilities

We invested heavily in the creation of a web site that uses written articles and videos to explain every aspect of Pure- Cloud so that you can be as self-reliant as you care to be. The PureCloud Resource Center contains thousands of articles, videos, and code samples that allow you to understand PureCloud at a deep enough level to administer and maintain it yourself. The Resource Center even documents best practices so you can benefit from techniques that have proven effective at thousands of other organizations around the globe offering market-leading customer service. PureCloud also pro- vides diagnostic utilities to help you pinpoint problems on your network and identify connectivity issues to expedite problem resolution and avoid finger-pointing. Finally, Interactive Intelligence operates a 24-hour, multi-lingual hotline that you can access at any time to receive expert help and advice.

24 | A Worldwide Ecosystem of Partners for Support, Services, and Technology

Interactive Intelligence has built a network of hundreds of partners around the globe that can help you get the most out of your PureCloud subscription. Some of these partners can provide local service – experienced resources who can work shoulder-to-shoulder with your employees to deploy, configure, administer, and maintain PureCloud. Many offer “white glove” support services that make running your business on top of PureCloud almost effortless. Others specialize in integrating PureCloud with the rest of your IT infrastructure – for example building new plugins for the PureCloud Bridge to synchronize data between PureCloud and various proprietary systems you currently utilize. And finally, a growing number of technology partners offer services that extend PureCloud in meaningful ways. For example, Lesson.ly provides e-learning capabilities tightly integrated with PureCloud that allow super- visors to create training modules that can be pushed to con- tact center agents when they’re not busy.

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This wraps up our three-part series about the competitive advantages of PureCloud. But don’t worry, you can still access the full whitepaper here.

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