ShoreTel Cloud Communications: Delivering big results for Contact Centers

In the world of unified communications, contact centers are the focal point of all customer interactions, and therefore play a key role in forming long-term customer relationships. The conventional route has been to employ on premise contact centers, but lately we’ve seen a major shift as more industry titans gravitate toward cloud-hosted contact centers. There are many reasons organizations are turning to cloud technology. Not only is it scalable and flexible, it also offers cost savings and has mobile features to better meet business and employee demands. Let’s explore the advantages in more depth:


Rapid deployment and easy integration with existing infrastructure

For the deployment of on premise systems, complete IT infrastructure including hardware, software, telephony, etc., need to be installed. This requires huge capital investment and can prove to be quite time consuming.


A cloud hosted contact center is fast and easy to deploy as services are offered by vendors through the Internet. No need for any special equipment. All that’s required is a computer and an Internet connection to access cloud hosted contact center services.


Cost effectiveness and lower capital expenses

Cloud-based contact centers don’t require any upfront expenditure for their deployment. These are based on a pay-as-you-go pricing and payment model. Companies can choose the services they want and pay for only those which they need. This is more cost effective because the IT spending is low as compared to on premise contact centers and results in better return on investment.


Scalable contact center solutions

Another advantage of a cloud hosted contact center is that the operations can be easily scaled up or down by taking up or releasing online resources as per the requirements. In the case of on premise systems, more hardware/software will be required to handle an increased call flow. Similarly, if the call flow drops, it will result in a waste of resources.


Global delivery – Anywhere, anytime access

The rapid proliferation of online services and mobile devices is driving the demand for customer support that is available 24×7.


Cloud hosted solutions allow companies to provide on-demand support to consumers, which can be accessed anytime from anywhere in the world.


Personalized and localized customer services 

With cloud hosted applications, businesses can pick and choose specific services to ensure a more personalized user experience. The services can also be customized keeping in mind the customer demographics – geography, language, profile, etc. Another benefit is that cloud computing allows the integration of different applications with support such as billing software, purchase order management, business reporting, analytics, and much more.


Thus, with the help of cloud hosted contact centers, businesses can lower their operational costs and deliver quality services more efficiently.


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About Inflow

Inflow Communications is a national leader in unified communications and contact centers. With close to 100,000 endpoints under Inflow’s innovative support plans around the world, Inflow’s dedication to knowledge and innovation, and unrivaled customer support, has landed them in ShoreTel’s top 2% in global customer satisfaction and as a winner of ShoreTel’s coveted Circle of Excellence Partners award. Inflow was also recently named a ShoreTel Platinum Partner and is their fastest growing partner globally. In addition, Inflow is the only cloud contact center provider that provides implementation, ongoing support and compressive consulting and training programs. Founded in 1997, Inflow has offices in Portland, Seattle, Dallas, Houston, Tampa, L.A. and the Bay Area.