This Just In: UCaaS is everywhere!

By Travis Dillard, Inflow Communications President & CEO


Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) or cloud-based phone systems have been the big news.  You can’t throw a rock without hitting an existing or brand new cloud VoIP provider in the market.  They’re everywhere!  And it’s becoming a commodity.  How many seats of cloud voice can a provider sell?  More importantly, how quickly can they race to the bottom on price?  How many phone features can be jammed down your throat for $20 / month?

But we predict that, over the next three years, the fastest growing segment of cloud-based Unified Communications will be in the Contact Center.

We feel that we’re just entering the largest paradigm shift as it pertains to technology and the customer experience.  Consider these facts:


  • Fact #1: The demand for an effortless customer experience is growing.  Consider these statistics:
    • By 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator (Walker Information)
    • Consumers who quit doing business with a company because of a bad customer experience (Harris Interactive – A Market Research Company)
      2007: 59% ….2015: 86%
    • 82% of Customers say resolving their issue quickly is the #1 factor in a great service experience (ICMI)


Consumers no longer have a tolerance for waiting on hold, getting dropped, getting transferred around five times, or not being given options for accessing service via other channels like web chat, text, and Social Media.  VIP customers will demand priority treatment or they will get it somewhere else.


  • Fact #2: The supply of superior service is very low.  It’s criminally low.  We don’t need statistics to back that up.  Just call your credit card company to dispute a charge.  Or call a hotel chain to inquire about business services.


  • Fact #3: Basic economics would suggest that his substantial gap between the supply and demand curves presents a substantial opportunity for companies that want to differentiate themselves by providing innovative, effortless customer experiences.  It would be fair to say that those nimble, eager companies who can figure this out stand to decimate their lethargic, complacent, arrogant competitors.


  • Fact #4: The Contact Center is still the primary mechanism for delivering service.  Hence, the Contact Center offers the most opportunity to provide an improved, innovative, and a differentiated customer experience. Your Contact Center can be your biggest asset or biggest liability in the customer experience race.


  • Fact #5: Never before has Enterprise-Class, multi-channel Contact Center technology been available and AFFORDABLE for the small to mid-sized company. Enter the cloud contact center.  Prior, companies had to pay hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars to acquire this type of technology.  Generally only the larger companies could afford it.  And most of them still provide horrible service.  Interesting.


It’s happening.  More and more companies are seeing the opportunities in their business by moving to the cloud.  In fact, companies that traditionally didn’t have contact centers are seeing the opportunity and building an enterprise class contact center in the cloud.


Still on the fence? Stay tuned for our next blog and we’ll cover all the benefits Contact Centers are seeing when they switch to the cloud.


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