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Upgrading to ShoreTel Connect – June 2016

Upgrading To ShoreTel Connect

Inflow Communications, is on the frontline of the new ShoreTel Connect upgrade. However, the Connect product is far more than a simple release – Connect is a completely new code base, with new architecture options and client administration portals. At its core, Connect is an entirely new product.

So, this begs the question, “When should I consider a ShoreTel Connect upgrade?” As a national industry-leading ShoreTel integrator, we are eager to share the pros and cons with every ShoreTel user. The purpose of this page is to provide ongoing, unbiased information regarding all things Connect.

If you’re a ShoreTel customer seeking the truth regarding Connect, including upgrade challenges, case studies, preparation, and necessary training, subscribe to this page and let us help you determine when the time is right to make the move.

Should I Upgrade To ShoreTel Connect? – Just The Facts

• ShoreTel Connect offers revolutionary new collaboration and architectural features that can revolutionize the way you do business
• Because it’s a new product, Connect has flaws, issues, and consideration that needs attention. Although the majority of them have been solved, the initial Connect releases were riddled with defects
• The new Connect client has some great additions, but some features have been removed that are critical to some power users. ShoreTel plans to bring many of them back.
• Connect is built upon a whole new agile software platform so bug fixes and new features and enhancements are being released rapidly
• Inflow will probably be more conservative in recommending that our heavy Contact Center customers move to Connect initially.
• We are on the frontline of the Connect upgrade, providing information you can use to determine when it’s the right time to make the switch along with best practices in doing so
• At Inflow Communications, we are dedicated to offering a realistic appraisal of this exciting release

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The buzz surrounding ShoreTel Connect is at an all-time-high, and everyone is wondering if the time is right to upgrade. The truth is that this new release has its pros and cons, so it’s our goal to review them in full as we introduce this product to our trusted clients.

Is upgrading to ShoreTel Connect something you should consider? While there is no denying that ShoreTel is dedicated to this new product, certain issues will need to be resolved before many businesses consider an upgrade.

We are dedicated to keeping you informed of all developments as they happen, so subscribe to our page and stay current on all pertinent information. Our ShoreTel engineers can also help you determine when the time is right for an upgrade, based on your individual needs and requirements. As the number-one, award-winning ShoreTel reseller, we are uniquely poised to guide you through this upgrade with honest, unbiased information.

Upgrading To ShoreTel Connect – Some Initial Thoughts
After installing a couple of new Connect systems we’ve experienced varying degrees of success. However, upgrading from a previous version of ShoreTel to Connect presents some problems that must be addressed before your business makes the jump to the new product.

We are currently working directly with ShoreTel’s engineering team so that we can anticipate growing pains before they happen. This is a fluid process, but as we collect information and learn more about the product though use, we will share it on this page.
Should I Upgrade To ShoreTel Connect?
If you are considering upgrading to ShoreTel Connect, you should consider the following.

• Because there is one Maintenance Window upgrade for ALL ShoreTel Products, the PBX, Enterprise Contact Center (ECC), Mobility Router, and the addition of the new client all have to be completed in the same window.
• The majority of Network and Advanced applications will be compatible with Connect, but not all.
• Potential issues arise with running the old ShoreTel Communicator and the new Connect client simultaneously. This needs to be considered in your upgrade planning. The brand new client means plenty of end-user training will be required, which is something we can help you with. Keep in mind that Connect training is vital so end-users won’t be blindsided when the new system goes live.
• Contact Center software is browser-based for agents, which means call center functions in Connect must be handled via web page.
• Connect offers a much more seamless solution for remote workers by doing away with software-based VPN requirements for the client and the old ShoreTel Concentrator for remote phones.
• The new contact center web agent is NOT embedded in the standard user client, it’s a completely separate application. That said, more functionality will be added to the agent client like call control and presence. In the meantime, this could cause issues with early Connect Contact Center adopters

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Some Of The Benefits Of A ShoreTel Connect Upgrade
While there are hurdles that need to be jumped, Connect offers some additions that you can look forward to:

• New styling and implementation of enhanced features are included for those who update to Connect.
• You can now enjoy uniformity between MAC and PC users.
• Take advantage of hybrid, on-site, cloud-based, or hybrid connectivity
• A simpler licensing structure allows you to choose basic seats without a client or voicemail, and includes more features per license level, all for far less money.
• New layout and director features no longer has ActiveX controls but uses forward and backward browser navigation.
• You can easily add remote sites to the cloud with Connect, and then integrate them back to your onsite system.
• The new Connect softphone works much better than the old one.

There are numerous other exciting features that you will enjoy after upgrading to ShoreTel Connect. Many of these are already listed on this page, so subscribe today and stay up-to-date on all white pages and case studies.

A Word About Inflow Communications
As a national leader in contact centers and unified communications, we are excited about ShoreTel Connect and the possibilities is offers. Our unwavering dedication to unrivaled customer support has earned us a top 2% ranking from ShoreTel in global customer satisfaction. It also resulted in the coveted Circle of Excellence Partners Award from ShoreTel and being named a Platinum Partner as their fastest growing partner in the world. Inflow Supports over 100,000 ShoreTel endpoints across 500 customers globally, there isn’t anything we haven’t seen.

If you’re asking, “Should I upgrade to ShoreTel Connect?” keep in mind that this product will soon represent the standard by which all Unified Communications systems are measured, and we want your upgrade to be as smooth as possible. Take some time to review our unbiased updates as we peel back the layers of this product, so that you can make an informed decision regarding you own ShoreTel Connect upgrade.

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