Developing Stronger Relationships for Stronger Customer Service

By Emily Brubaker, Inflow Project Manager

Perhaps my favorite part of being a project manager with Inflow Communications is forming relationships with the clients that I support. Setting up an organization’s communications system involves a lot of relationship building. I’m often the first person to greet a client to our support services and I love it! Largely because it gives me the opportunity to learn more about our newest clients. But I also get to be the first point of contact that a client has when initiating a new installation, which means I assist with identifying the needs of the company receiving the new phone system.

Unified communication systems can be a stressful prospect as the communication system is tied into critical operations throughout any organization. It is always complicated by all of the seemingly tiny details or items that could easily be neglected. It’s my role to be a guide for the process as a whole. I love learning about an organization’s communication problems and their needs, and in turn, aligning the relationships that will create systems that will work for our clients.

These activities – the onboarding of new partner change of record clients (those that have signed a contract to have Inflow provide support for their existing ShoreTel phone system) and project managing new installations or additional projects – enable me to formulate strong relationships with key partners for each of our clients. It is our goal to provide specialized, personal service to each and every client on every interaction and I take this part of my job very seriously, as does the rest of our team.

These relationships allow us as a service organization to perform our work to the extremely high standards we have established for ourselves. And it’s these very relationships that actually allow us to improve the quality of service in several ways. Just to name a few, these relationships allow us to…

  • Keep our team familiar with your system – when we have the necessary background information, we’re able to provide support quickly and effectively.
  • Provide us with the information necessary to identify the appropriate stakeholders to work with in order to resolve any issues that arise or move projects forward.
  • Make clients comfortable in approaching us with ideas, thoughts, or curiosities about ways to improve their system and enable us to be a stronger partner.
  • Give us the opportunity to receive feedback on how to improve as a partner so that we are always pushing the envelope to provide the best service possible.

I have experience with the client-vendor relationship, and what it means to provide and receive superior customer service, from both sides. Of course I love being the vendor and getting the opportunity to engage in the relationship by facilitating smooth support on our clients’ projects. But I also had the experience of being a client of Inflow’s. Before becoming a project manager for Inflow Communications, I was the office manager for one of our clients. In all of the projects that I spearheaded at that company, the new phone system was one of my favorites. I actually found myself excited to work with Inflow again once we decided to open an additional location because of the relationships I had formed with the operations team during our original installation. The support that I received was unparalleled and I felt like I established real friendships with those that provided me with frequent service. It even hit the point of trading recipes with members of our support team. During the installation, our installation team became so familiar within our office that the company as a whole was sad to say goodbye, despite having a complete functional (and exciting) new phone system.

I am honored and humbled that Inflow chose to include me in their team. I am glad to continue the tradition of quality customer service by developing relationships with all of the clients that I get to work with. I consider it to be the greatest component of my position and am thrilled to look for ways that will help strengthen the relationships that I build.

It is an honor and pleasure to work with you all on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to make sure that your needs are met. Please know that this is my highest priority. If you ever need anything, please let me know and I will be pleased to help! Thank you for your role in making Inflow what it is today and what it will become!

About Inflow

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