Consonus Health Care

The Problem
Consonus realized that one of their most significant lost opportunities to improve customer experience was their Contact Center. They had no organized way of receiving calls or emails, or an efficient, timely, and consistent method of providing support to their facilities. To make matters worse, insight into these issues could not be data-driven because they had no data! The situation left them unable to find opportunities for improvement, or to make timely business decisions.

Unfortunately, their “solution” (a new Microsoft Dynamics CRM) did not solve their issues. Consonus was left with a voice system that provided few additional features beyond the previous setup. Calls were routed with slightly more finesse, but in the end, they were in the same spot

The Solution
Baseline assessment of the current state of the Contact Center operation, including in-depth needs discussions, a system evaluation, and extensive staff interviews.
Stepping up Consonus’ Contact Center operation to best practice standards. Call flow was redesigned to provide improved customer experience while streamlining processes and creating staff efficiencies.
Training Contact Center staff on creating meaningful reports, and how to read and interpret them. Some would say that this was the most crucial step in the improvements Inflow implemented. Inflow’s high standards in training proved to be a major asset for Consonus.
The Results
“We learned so much from the recordings and metrics. We got data and context on individual conversations. This gave our sales and marketing teams valuable intelligence on opportunities with current and new customers. Our Contact Center is now more than just a service, it’s a strategic asset.”

John Baker, Consonus Technical Director

Consonus was more than pleased that Inflow was able to integrate their Microsoft Dynamics CRM system with their Contact Center. This provided agents with client record “screen pops” so agents could quickly see, assist with, and annotate activity during a customer call. This improved response times, agent efficiency and morale, and ultimately paved the way for a customized, premium experience for Consonus’ clients.

Now that Consonus has taken their initial steps in elevating their Contact Center operation to best practices, they are thrilled to get a glimpse of what’s to come. Up next for Consonus and Inflow is an in-depth exploration into ways they can implement advanced features like web chat and email integration, routing based on customized staff skills and call priority, and a deeper utilization of their customer data stores in order to maximize personalized treatment and call routing options.