Data: The Missed Love Connection Between your Company and its Customers

By Travis Dillard, President, Inflow Communications

Almost everybody has data on their customers…and not just current data, but historical data and trend analyses. It amazes me how often this valuable and readily available information is heavily underutilized in Contact Centers. Data is the low-hanging fruit that can dramatically improve the customer experience you provide, because it tells you who your customer is. I have listed the top data utilization mistakes we see Contact Centers make every day.

Mistake #1:
Asking customers the same questions every time they call. Stop asking them to supply data you already have – every time they contact your Contact Center. If you know who they are, there is no need to ask for their account number every time they contact you. If you know your customer is Spanish speaking, why ask them if they want Spanish speaking menus every time they call? Quit approaching your customers like they are strangers. Instead, treat them like you know them, and create an experience they will not forget.

Mistake #2:
Providing voice as the only avenue for customers to connect with you. Millenials, especially, are looking for web chat, social media, and other channels. Your Contact Center customers want to spend less time on the phone with you, and more time living their lives. Let them.

Mistake #3:
Treating VIP customers like everybody else. Generally speaking, twenty percent of your customers generate eighty percent of your revenue. Why are you treating them like part of the herd? Start identifying your VIP Contact Center customers, and offer them a more customized experience. Trust me – they will notice, and keep coming back for more.

Customer experience will make or break you. Plain and simple. Customers are more empowered these days, and therefore, are demanding more. If you are not thinking about the customer experience your Contact Center provides, your competitors are going to.
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