ShoreTel Connect: Flexibility Wins the Race

By Travis Dillard, Inflow Communications

We’ve all heard it’s important to stretch before running a race. ShoreTel gets this sentiment and has made their latest platform, ShoreTel Connect, highly flexible so it’s ready to run marathon meetings for you. ShoreTel Connect is the only complete unified communications platform for all deployment types. By integrating the most popular unified communications features in to a single, scalable solution, you don’t have to maintain, train and source multiple communication tools.

And this added flexibility means you can manage your network however you want. ShoreTel Connect works with what you have, for whatever your business need. Whether you want to deploy a cloud system that services all your locations and teleworkers or you want an all-mobile business communications system, ShoreTel Connect works and adapts with whatever your communication needs and wants are.

Even better, ShoreTel Connect offers a more natural way to collaborate both internally with colleagues and externally with your customers and partners by delivering frictionless and intuitive communication. The secret to their special sauce is the ShoreTel Connect user app, which maintains the call handling and collaboration tools for your employees and their contacts. The user-friendly interface integrates ShoreTel call handling preferences, messaging, call records, voice mail and collaboration event scheduling with Active Directory, Outlook and popular ICS calendars like Google. Plus, you can easily organize your contacts by groups, see all your recent communications, and even track past and future events and conversations. The icing on the cake? Every communication tool is at your fingertips – a simple click you can move a conversation from IM to a call, to a web desktop share for a 100-plus people.

From platform to user-experience to flexibility, ShoreTel Connect captures what our work world is looking for today – simplicity, efficiency and customizable features. Read more about ShoreTel Connect here.

At Inflow Communications, we understand how ShoreTel Connect can better your work and collaboration with your team. We have a passion for innovative unified communications systems as well as a heart for service. We work with our customers to understand their day-to-day operations, business needs and the impact on their end-users. Make sure to keep up with our on-going educational series in our blogs and keep tabs on our events. Currently, we’re hosting a series of ShoreTel Connect events and previews throughout the country – call us to find out if there’s one coming up in your area.

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