ShoreTel Connect: Choices, Choices, Choices

To choose or not to choose, which is the better option? To choose of course! And that’s what’s great about ShoreTel Connect (besides it’s flexibility and reliability) — you have delivery options. Why be pigeon-holed into one way of getting a great communications platform? No business is the same, so why should all unified communications strategies be the same? 

Product or As a Service?

With ShoreTel Connect, you can choose your delivery method: as a service or as a product. ShoreTel Connect Cloud is perfect for businesses that either don’t have an IT department or have an already busy IT department, businesses that don’t want to manage their software updates, quick implementation and/or want a predictable monthly spend that they can scale to business requirements. ShoreTel Connect Onsite, or as a product – this is great for companies that want to keep local control over data and system security, want a total upfront cost without monthly fees, and/or the ability to customize business process application integrations with ShoreTel Connect’s open APIs.

Cloud, Onsite or Hybrid?

Besides strategy, there are also choices in deployment method – Cloud, Onsite or Hybrid. ShoreTel Connect Cloud is easy to install and use, and offers end-to-end solution (including phones, carrier, network, unified communications software, customer service and more). And you don’t have worry about availability – ShoreTel Connect Cloud offers the highest availability as well as secure voice and data. Or, some businesses may prefer ShoreTel Connect Onsite, which distributes system intelligence across an entire network. That means, you’ll have superior reliability and full management capabilities no matter where you or your locations are. And ShoreTel Connect Hybrid offers a managed service subscription deliver via the cloud while offering the control of an on-premise system deployment. How to determine what’s right for you?

Resources for Good Decision Making

Here are a couple of quick questions to help you decide the right delivery method for you.

  • Do you need security over your data?
  • How taxed is your IT department right now?
  • Where are your workers at? Off-site? In various offices across the US?
  • What’s the most feasible way to budget for your communication system – all up front or month-to-month?

This and many other considerations come in to play – read more about this topic in my white paper, which includes key questions to ask when choosing a UC vendor.

Or, if you’re curious about hybrid unified communications, I also wrote a white paper about the various hybrid models you can apply to your business.

Read more about ShoreTel Connect here.

At Inflow Communications, we understand how ShoreTel Connect can better your work and collaboration with your team. We have a passion for innovative unified communications systems as well as a heart for service. We work with our customers to understand their day-to-day operations, business needs and the impact on their end-users.  Make sure to keep up with our on-going educational series in our blogs and keep tabs on our events. Currently, we’re hosting a series of ShoreTel Connect events and previews throughout the country – call us to find out if there’s one coming up in your area. 

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