Know Your Customer with Data & Contact Center

By Travis Dillard, Inflow Communications

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Its time to stop looking at your contact center as just a phone system. Your contact center can be your ticket to success if you know how to leverage it. Integrating your existing data and likely, your most valuable communications asset, your contact center, can shed a lot of light on your organizations operations and also what your customer needs and wants are. And with customer service experience driving the success of business, its crystal clear, you cannot ignore the importance of aligning your data and your contact center.

The complexity of integrating your data and contact center can range from basic to very advanced. For just one quick example, we recently worked with a multi-site, national health care company that was using digital marketing to drive prospective patients to their many website landing pages. They offer live chat, a preferred method of communicating, for potential patients who have sensitive mental health issues. The web chat was integrated with the ShoreTel Contact Center and Salesforce. Because the URL of the landing page was dynamically pushed into Salesforce, the marketing team can track which pages are generating the most inbound activity and leads, helping them make better marketing investment decisions. Again, data leveraged right can be the most powerful asset you have.

Integrating your data and contact center will result in a general a better technology and business alignment, a significant competitive advantage in your industry and millions of large and small positive customer experiences that will propel your organization into the new world of customer experience and greatness. Keep in mind this example doesn’t just apply to ShoreTel contact center or Salesforce CRM customers. This concept can be applied to many contact center technologies on the market.

This is just one of many examples of ways to integrating your data and contact center. Interested in hearing more? Sign up for our webinar and get answers to your specific questions about your company. Learn innovative ways to leverage data, build better customer relationships and improve your business in our 1-hour, live webinar on March 29th from 10:00-11:00 PDT.

Well review how to take your contact center to the next level, using information you already have about your customers, and talk about how progressive contact centers are using data to satisfy the business, the bottom line and most importantly, the customer. Plus, we will open up creative options for your customer and your contact center operation and show you real-world examples of Inflow customers that have leveraged their data for dynamic business results.

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