Getting Personal: Combining the Power of Corporate Data with Your Contact Center

By Travis Dillard, Inflow Communications

Ever wonder why you seem to have all this data and knowledge about your customers but somehow there’s a missed connection between your customer needs and preferences and your sales team? You know your customer inside out, yet you ask for it every time they reach your contact center – showing little respect for their time and zero personal touch. You know your customer’s most intimate details like their preferences, demographics, buying behaviors and payment patterns, yet you treat them as though they are strangers. You know your fastest growing customer segments are millennials who like to do business and communicate via digital mediums like e-commerce, social media and web chat, yet you force them to call you. You know which of your customers are in the “20% VIP” category, yet you treat them like everybody else. Sound familiar?

We see this with countless organizations and businesses. The criminal misalignment between technology, data and business initiatives is a common mistake. The good news is that aligning these things can have the most dramatic impact on your business. There are many examples of how this can be done. Because we focus on communications technology, we’ll keep this discussion centered on integrating your data and most likely your most valuable communications asset – your contact center.

Too often, technical integrators or Value Added Resellers (VARS) get hung up on the technology “feeds and speeds” of a solution with little focus on the business requirements of their customers. This issue is made exponentially worse with contact centers. Most integrators are intimidated by contact center technology and only have a high-level grasp of the technical configuration parameters. They have little to no appreciation of the business power a contact center can provide an organization when properly aligned with the business requirements, especially when the contact center is integrated with the company’s data (CRM, ERP, etc.)

But this issue that we see over and over again needs to be addressed. A recent industry recap of Contact Center Trends cites that CRM integration and Personalized Service via customer data is a “trend” and will continue to be a more focused trend in 2016. The bottom line? Customer experience will make or break business success now more than ever. Organizations that have figured this out are thriving.

So stop looking at your contact center as a phone system. Even more, stop looking at your contact center and your corporate data as two separate things. Exploit the power of both by integrating them and transform your value proposition and customer experiences!

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