You Got to Have Heart – How to Check Your Potential UC Vendor’s Heart for Service

By Travis Dillard, Inflow Communications

As a baseline, no matter your company’s size, complexity or industry, one thing your vendor must have is a heart for service. Below is a checklist to evaluate a heart for service:

Checklist to evaluate “Heart for Service” of your vendor

  • Are they passionate about good customer service in their other lines of business?
  • How long have their customers been with them?
  • Ask for references that can speak to a time when the vendor fell down and made it right. Don’t always ask for references where everything was bunnies and rainbows!
  • Do they share their support metrics. More importantly, do they track this internally? You can’t fix what isn’t measured! How quickly do they respond and resolve issues? Do they track customer satisfaction? How is this done? If they do these things, their answers will be unencumbered and free flowing.
  • Beyond the support department, look at other departments of the prospective Unified Communication vendor’s business. This will be a good indicator of their service culture. How friendly and easy is it to do business with their accounting department? How quickly do their sales people respond with answers? How quickly does the phone get answered in general? How fast and do they respond to general company inquiries via email?
  • Do they put their money where their mouth is? Is there a penalty if they fall short?
  • Do they promise perfection? If they do, run. We’re all humans working on imperfect technology. Perfection is far from realistic. This is a good test of their integrity.

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