Unifying with Layers – Disparate On Site VoIP Systems with Cloud Contact Center Overlay

Unifying with Layers – Disparate On Site VoIP Systems with Cloud Contact Center Overlay

By Travis Dillard, President of Inflow Communications

What happens with companies that have a new acquisition or there’s a lack of standardization in the branch office procurement policies? There’s an easy way to solve this with out ripping and replacing all premise phone systems.

An option we recommend to businesses in this situation integrating the Disparate On Site VoIP Systems with a common Cloud Contact Center Overlay. With this model, you can “layer” a cloud contact center across all sites that delivers inter-branch call routing, presence, and a common set of Unified Communications tools for the agents on their desktops.


What’s great about it is the agents and supervisors get all of the real time and historical reporting commonly required with these types of businesses. Most cloud contact center providers give users a common web or desktop-based application that provides them contact center statistics like availability, calls in queue and hold times. It also allows users to log into and out of queues, assign their contact center profile to various devices, and perform other common contact center activities.

I detail this model as well as many other configurations in a free 13-page white paper: “Hybrid Unified Communications: The Alternative to Cloud VoIP and On Site / On Premise VoIP.” I offer key insights and case studies to help pinpoint the best model for your business needs – download the white paper and learn more today! After reading it, please don’t forget to leave me a comment below about which model you would think it best fit your business and why.

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